Viva love!

I have received several messages and comments about yesterday’s entry. Thank you. Yes, I am a romantic- my secret is out!Love is a blessing and a curse. It can make you do crazy things but mostly, it is all consuming and wonderful. If you find your soul mate , as was the case with my grandparents,you are extremely fortunate and being separated is unbearable (as was the case with them). Viva love!

I have a busy weekend planned, which includes a visit tomorrow from a friend who will probably be here most of the day. We have not seen each other for a few weeks so we have a lot to discuss.Because I have received a notification that the power is going to be off all day Sunday, I will be out all day. It’s an inconvenience but I suppose they have to do it sometime.

Thanks James, Mika, Louise and of course you Tony for your emails. I will reply later today. 🙂


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