Thanks and I will continue this later today :)

I will not have an opportunity to write much until later today when I return home, so I want to say a brief thank you to everyone who contacted me over the week end, especially new referrals from . Thanks and I will continue this later today 🙂


It’s good to be back home again as the weather has turned and it is cold and wet.I of course, dressed for the predicted warm weather and shivered the entire time I was out.

As I wrote earlier , it was a quiet week end and I did not venture out much. I did manage to respond to a few emails I have recieved which was good. Once again, my thoughts are about a person whom I used to consider to be a close friend. I wonder how he is although I know it means very little to him what I think! That’s the difference between us I suppose. I don’t erase those I genuinely care about from my thoughts even though we may be worlds apart.I could adopt a similar attitude but that’s not me and never will be!


2 thoughts on “Thanks and I will continue this later today :)

  1. Why the hell do you waste your time caring about someone who obviously does not deserve it?Forget him.

  2. Dear Maureen,

    Still waters run deep. Glad you’ve got the juice (electricity back). When that happens to me I’m nearly frantic. It was out for 10 or 12 hours on day last year. No AC?!, no cooking, no refrigeration?, no radio, Cd player? No PC?!!!

    I am also foolish about love. Please see my unrequited love songs at

    What good is a heart
    Look where it’s got me today
    While the heartless share a joke on me
    She’s gone to stay

    What good is a heart
    That can only be broken
    If I hadn’t a heart I’d have the one
    That my heart drove away

    James aka ShadowfoxX

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