Who doesn’t look forward to long lunches, good food and great company?

I have been surprised by the new readers this site is attracting. While it is great to hear from readers via emails and comments I have had several comments without any name or email details. I am happy to publish as anonymous any comments but it is a requirement of submitting comments here that those details are provided.  I will never divulge email details or your name unless requested to do so. Thank you.

Melbourne Cup is next Tuesday and it is a Public Holiday here. We must be the only city in the world that declares a Public Holiday for a horse race! I have been thinking about having a BBQ lunch here as the weather is meant to be good. That’s one of the things I enjoy about the warmer weather, the opportunity to entertain family and friends in a more leisurely and relaxed way.Who doesn’t look forward to long lunches, good food and great company?

Prue has been laid low with a cold; inevitable really as she has been surrounded by people with colds/flu. Hope you are feeling better soon Poohbah. Ti amo.

14:52: Allan I have sent you an email with the information you requested. It will be there for you tonight.

My beautiful daughter , Prue

My beautiful daughter , Prue


6 thoughts on “Who doesn’t look forward to long lunches, good food and great company?

  1. Hi Maureen,

    I’m watching your “first jump” video. About half way through. You are looking a little, shall we say, apprehensive? Meanwhile the joyous cameraman is absolutely delighted with having the opportunity to view your last moments on earth alive…..


  2. Well done Maureen! (The successful jump and landing).
    Who knew that leaping toward your death could be so invigorating?
    Was that a required position (head back) just prior to the leap or an eleventh hour prayer?


  3. LOL. James,I was so excited about getting on with it but being filmed made me most uncomfortable. I prefer to be behind the camera. By the way, if you ever have the opportunity to sky dive-do it!

  4. It certainly looks that doesn’t it? The rationale for that was to prevent my head from flying back as we jumped and knocking out the jump master. Now that would have caused some apprehension on my part. Haha

  5. Yes, it’s you Prue! I have no idea what phone I am getting. 😦
    I love you too xxxxx

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