Has it come to this?

Finally, I have caught up and replied to all my emails.Thank you to everyone and welcome to those of you who are new readers.

I finally have to bite the bullet and get a new phone. Yesterday, I received a call from my mobile phone provider to alert me to the fact that the plan I have had for many years will not be continuing and I am required to change to an alternative plan. For over 12 months I have been procrastinating about getting a new phone but I find the whole process slightly overwhelming. Ensuring all my contact numbers are stored on the sim card etc. I did download all my contacts details on the the pc hard drive some months ago in preparation (when I was feeling more enthusiastic about a new phone) but since then have deleted and added several new numbers. My current phone was the latest thing when I first bought it but has become a bit of a dinosaur so I am going to get a new one. There comes the dilemma-operating the new phone. Difficult for someone like me, who is referred to by family as being “button dyslexic”. Another problem is that the new phone must have a screen I can see. I am unable to read anything on my current phone without glasses, which means most of the time I am answering calls “blind”. Has it come to this, that I am destined to have a phone with extra large text? Hahaha.

If I have to get a new phone, I want the latest technology and although I have been pestered to buy one , I have no interest at all in an IPhone. Not yet anyway. I am not looking forward to this process at all. lol


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