We walked out of the first outlet in disgust.

What an ordeal we went through today, trying to buy a new phone! Fortunately Prue came along as the technical adviser and for moral support but that was wasted on the inept sales staff who knew nothing about their products and services. When asked a question about the features of a phone, the standard reply from the young sales guy was “dunno” or “maybe”. While the sales guy seemed to be miles away in his own thoughts, I cannot blame him entirely for his lack of expertise;that responsibility lies with the agent or franchisee. They would affect more successful outcomes and satisfied customers if they ensured their staff were trained in an appropriate manner or at the very least, were under the supervision of experienced staff. We walked out of the first outlet in disgust and finally purchased the phones from an Optus shop.

I bought Nokia , which I have not had for several years and came home to study the manual supplied. One posiitve about Nokia is that they are easy to operate and set up(and for me that is saying something) lol.As I write the phone is charging. One thing I am disappointed about is the terrible ring tones. Initially, I thought nothing of it as I prefer to download my own tunes. No problems, I will just download them but no, there is not a cable supplied with the phone. What the? Now that is really mean Nokia !!!!!!!


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