Superficial acquaintances whose motives revolve around themselves.

It’s a perfect Sunday morning and I add, a welcome change from the cold conditions here yesterday.Although I have been awake for several hours(since dawn in fact)it was such a luxury to stay in bed, listening to the early morning sounds outside my window. I then made myself breakfast and read the Sunday papers, listening to the radio. The simple things are often the best!

There were several emails that arrived overnight which required my attention, so I have dealt with those and I have also been reading back on archived blog posts here and from my previous site. That gave me a few laughs and also caused me to question myself about why I care about particular individuals who obviously could not care less about me.Why do I? Maybe it’s because I am and always will be a person who does not say anything they do not mean. I am genuine and not a good times only, opportunistic narcissist, ready to run and hide when things get tough. Life is tough, bloody hard and that will never change. Character is built on those hard times and bonds form between real friends. I am most fortunate to have such friends, whose loyalty and love have never faltered but I have also had my fair share of superficial acquaintances whose motives revolve around themselves. I hope that one day they too can feel what it is truly like to love and be loved, unconditionally, for themselves and not for short term personal gain.

Thank you so much James for your regular emails. You brighten up my day as well as provide me with plenty of useful tips and information. 🙂


One thought on “Superficial acquaintances whose motives revolve around themselves.

  1. What an honest summary of the “friends” we all seem to accumulate throughout our lives. We are better off without them even if that truth is painful.
    Great daily reading.Cheers

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