Genuine Heroes

I don’t know how others feel but I am annoyed and tired of the inappropriate use of the term ‘hero’. Heroes are not sportsmen/women, popular politicians or even worse musicians or singers. Heroes are the individuals who without hesitation, risk serious injury or life itself  for the sake of another.It is not premeditated and occurs spontaneously. Soldiers, emergency workers and support workers, foreign aides and unique members of the community who disregard their own safety to go to the assistance of another.

Such is the heroism of Dutch backpacker Paul de Waard and Melbourne father of three, Brendan Keilar. Both men displayed enormous courage when they intervened during an altercation involving an assailant with a handgun  and a woman, in central Melbourne last year.Tragically, Mr Keilar was killed and Mr de Waard suffered horrendous injuries, which required emergency surgery and several months of rehabilitation.Paul de Waard

Mr de Waard who has returned to Melbourne, was honoured with a bravery award and Mr Keilar  was posthumously honoured for his bravery, today.

Both these men  deserve our eternal gratitude and have earned the right to be called Heroes!

Paul de Waard, with his sister and the Bravery Award Certificate Paul de Waard

(photo Melbourne Age, 20/11/08)


9 thoughts on “Genuine Heroes

  1. I’ve got a question for you Maureen about putting videos in the sidebar. How do you do it? There doesn’t seem to be an FAQ on the subject at WP. Which widget? Is it VodPod? –J

  2. You are right James. That statement re: artists was a generalisation aimed mainly at the less savory influences within the genres.Artists of all genres can be aspirational, inspirational and provide copious amounts of pleasure and solace.I find great joy in many artists myself, Beethoven, Gustav Klimt, etc. but they were not heroes. They were outstanding artists in their own fields and their legacy lives on for all to appreciate and enjoy!
    I agree with you about ‘celebrity’. All I can ask is why?

  3. Maureen,

    Howdy. I agree with you that fictional, cinematic and sports heros spend excessive time in the spotlight while regular, unglamorous “every day” heroes are left in the wings, unheralded, and scarcely noticed for their deeds. The cultural phenomenon of intense focus upon celebrity leaves those who aren’t “in”, way out of the picture most of the time.

    But please Maureen go easy on musicians and singers. “Even worse” ? Let’s not forget that entertainers are heroes of another sort. Their art, their works, often touch us dearly, move us deeply, bring us out of the depths of depression and despair, renew of hopes and longings. Make us feel more alive. Heroes of another kind.


  4. yeah real heroes and heroines, like the english young nanny who when her kids were attacked by a sword wielding maniac ran away, but the she stopped with all the kids swarming around her screaming and she turned to face the attacker-that’s brave.

  5. Thank you for your lovely comment. I am pleased to see that acts of true heroism are recognised 🙂
    Best wishes

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