Warm and cozy, it was easy to drift off to sleep.

Today has been absolutely freezing. It has rained, hailed and the wind has caused considerable damage throughout the metropolitan area. Although Melbourne is experiencing unseasonal weather, the worst of this weather is expected in the East Gippsland area, where they are predicting gale forced winds and extensive flooding. Ours, is certainly a country of extremes! Mum and her partner Bill live at Paynesville on the Gippsland Lakes, overlooking the water. Their home cannot be flooded but if the nearby lakes and wetlands flood, they will be isolated , as Paynesville is a one way in and one way out town, unless one travels by boat.

The water is desperately needed throughout the state but as the ground is so dry, there will be little run off. One can only hope that the rain falls in the catchment areas and damage is kept to a minimum.

I had a visitor call around about 10.30 am.It was nice to chat inside in the warmth and watch the rain falling outside. My friend had gone by early afternoon and I took the opportunity to have a sleep on the couch for about two hours. It was lovely. Warm and cozy, it was easy to drift off to sleep.

As I write, the wind is howling outside the windows are making strange noises and the rain is pelting down on the pergola out the back. The sound of rain on a tin roof is magnificent. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Warm and cozy, it was easy to drift off to sleep.

  1. You have to email the grandmothership about Jesus and Mary for me!
    I have the heating on 30 here. Home alone, girls have gone out to see a band.

  2. Hey Prue,
    I will email her in the morning. I hope she has not thrown them out!
    Keep warm.
    I love you
    Mama xxxxx

  3. I agree, it is freezing! Crazy for this time of year…

    We are in Gippsland too, only in the West so we don’t get too much crazy weather here. Hope we don’t see a repeat of the floods experienced last? year in East Gippsland..

    Love your blog design 🙂

  4. Thanks Nicole for your kind comment. Yours is terrific!
    I think the worst of the weather has passed without too much drama down at the Lakes 🙂

  5. Hi and thanks for your kind words. I know, it is difficult to believe that next week it will be summer.
    Best wishes

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