There are far more important issues in our lives that warrant concern.

I turned on my computer this morning to find several emails and comments had come into my in box overnight. Mostly, complimentary messages about particular posts I have written , which is very kind of all concerned. Thank you. The remainder were from some people I have become friends with through Alphainventions.Without exception, they all mentioned the difficulties they face in submitting their blog, mainly due to a few kamikaze-like individuals who  like to think that the site is for their exclusive purposes, be it commercial or private. Even the checks and balances that have been implemented by Cheru have not deterred them and it is getting to the point where one has to wonder if it is worth even submitting a site into the cycle because the chances of it appearing are minimal and if by chance it does make it on, it is merely a flash on the screen then it’s back to the same few blogs who seem to dominate the cycle.

To be honest I am getting tired  of all the sniping that surrounds this current state of affairs and there are far more important issues in our lives that warrant concern.Let some common sense prevail and hopefully those catalysts for the issues at Alphainventions will be shamed into acting like rational adults and we can all get back to pleasant networking and making some good friends along the way- as was originally intended by  Cheru.

On a less intense note. Prue and her housemate Lauren called around this morning. It was a lovely surprise and they stayed for a while, before they had to leave to go into the city. Lauren is a nanny  so they are taking the child  into town to see a circus. I think they are looking forward to it as much as the child!


16 thoughts on “There are far more important issues in our lives that warrant concern.

  1. Hello, when I submitted my blog for viewing at alphainventions it said I bumped you. Sorry, not sure how that all works! Maybe they need an edit that says you can only submit once per day if there’s someone else in the que? Oh well, your blog is very nice, and have a nice day!

    Penny from Travelosity

  2. Hi Penny,
    Thanks for your comment but don’t stress about it.:) I too, inadvertently bump others. You do not mention a site URL. I would like to visit you sometime.
    Best wishes

  3. I wonder what would be the Internet-etiquette-equivalent rule for this sort of business. Anyway, I found you through alphainventions and just bumped someone off the list. My dilemna was that when I went to the person’s site (baffled-something?), I was so baffled by the lack of relevance of the postings, that I could not really post something relevant in return!

  4. Hi Grace,
    What can I say? Personally, I say sorry for the bump and sometimes comment on their site. I have no idea of the correct etiquette, I endeavour to be pleasant to all. I hope I am anyway LOL 🙂

  5. No need to say sorry but I am sure all blogs love a comment or two from the readers! Thank you for stopping by our site! I have enjoyed your site, and will stop back in often!

  6. Hi Maureen,
    Just saw your post, I also got tired of the bump wars as it seemed that is all I was doing and getting nowhere. So I bit the bullet and opted for the subscription which has been fantastic. However, now it seems that everyone is complaining if a blog stays in the reading cycle for any length of time. It seems that whatever Cheru tries to do to make life easier at Alpha Inventions, there is always a barrage of complaints. Oh well, at least I don’t have to feel guilty for bumping anyone anymore as blog cycles through automatically.

  7. Hi Mal, Good for you. As the popularity of Alpha increases of course submissions are going to be difficult. Individuals can do as you have elected to do and subscribe if they feel hard done by can’t they? Really though, is their life so boring that they are reliant on the hits they receive to boost their fragile egos?
    Best wishes

  8. Hi, probably bumped you myself 🙂 but when I see an interesting site on I use the Pause button, works for me 🙂

  9. Hi Maureen,

    I, too, found you because I bumped you (sorry!). You have a nice blog here, really.

    I’m probably a total dork, but what do you and Malice mean by subscribing to the read cycle? I don’t see an obvious way to do this on the AlphaInventions site…am I missing something? I mean, it’s not like stats are the biggest deal ever, but it is nice to have some readers, you know?

  10. Hi Dyricci,
    No don’t say that. You are not a dork! The reading cycle is when you have submitted your site. It goes into a cycle and you will remain there until someone else submits their site. I hope this helps 🙂

  11. Hi again…
    No I really AM a dork! 🙂
    I get the reading cycle thing…but now I just saw the “subscribe” button…doh!…and now I get it! Give ’em $$ and then you get more views….ah-HA…

    Blessing, All!

  12. Haha, Don’t worry, today I turned up early for an appointment…… 24 hours too early 🙂

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