What I want can’t be purchased from a department store :)

Today I have been making the most of the brilliant sunshine by getting out into the backyard and doing some work in the garden.It does not take long as it is mainly tropical plants and a small lawn area but the lawn needs cutting every two weeks at this time of the year.Hopefully, the weather will be warm for the Holidays and we can do all our partying alfresco.Even though I decided years ago to be more relaxed and have a very informal celebratory day, I still like to know in advance who is coming and prepare well in advance the menu for the day. Ever the control freak!!!!! I do not celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas but my family and friends do, so I endeavour to make it a special day for everyone. I think the most important thing , no matter what your religious affiliation is to get together with those closest to you and enjoy and appreciate each other. I am never comfortable receiving presents. For me they are unnecessary as I really want for nothing material. I do enjoy giving gifts and try to make them as individual as possible. My family love receiving gifts, the bigger the better and that’s ok but for me, a happy day is all I require. Silly? Probably. LOL. What I want can’t be purchased from a department store πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “What I want can’t be purchased from a department store :)

  1. you said it girl ! ! ! !! !
    I have always felt the same way altho deep down it is fun to receive too. But the joy of being with the ones closest and dearest is BY far the best and most treasured of all gifts

  2. Hi Symon,
    We do not have Thanksgiving here (Australia) so consequently no mad shopping day before Christmas BUT here we do have the silliest post Christmas sales, which the stores use to off load their rubbish.
    A bargain is not a bargain unless you really need it πŸ™‚

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