That’s life and it must go on :)

Each year  at around this time, I like to reflect on the year that has past and give myself (for want of a better phrase) a personal assessment. Review the things I have achieved and how they have affected me and those around me, including relationships, career,acquaintances and identify areas which need improvement.

This year has had its ups and downs on all fronts. I have put family ahead of career aspirations and concentrated on being a supportive mother, spending more time with my adult daughter and being there for her, as this has been a mammoth year for her (both health wise and personally).Fortunately, she has weathered the storm a 2009 is looking brighter for her.

On the relationship front, I have distanced myself from many of the “friends”  who bring nothing but negativity into my life. I have grown tired of being there for them , when the same courtesy is not afforded to me (not that I have ever requested it but there needs to be an understanding that it does exist). I am not into idle gossip and consider workplace rumour mongering distasteful, malicious and unacceptable, so really I have nothing in common with those”friends”. I am in no way portraying myself as “holier than thou”, far from it. It is just that I have wasted so much time on people who would walk over me if I collapsed on the floor, as they raced to the door to make their escape. Fortunately, I had only a handful of these individuals as “friends” and a wide circle of true friends whom I adore!

My relationship with my mother has grown and I have become very fond of her partner , who treats her  in a way she was never treated by my late father- like a princess! This has given me a lot of  joy to see her so happy , after 40+ years of  living with a very complex man, such as my father.Mum and I were never close as I left home at 15 and we never did get to know each other that well so developing a close adult relationship is all new for me and her too.It’s nice.

Career wise I have not sought advancement  or re-location as I had planned but this has been a good thing as it has allowed me to spend more time with my daughter. Next year they will be viable options for me. I thrive on work and enjoy the interactions with colleagues and clients!

In all, Its been a pretty good year.There are one or two individuals whom I miss dearly whose lives have taken them in different directions but that’s life and it must go on 🙂


2 thoughts on “That’s life and it must go on :)

  1. Thanks Beeha,
    You are always so generous with your comments. I was really pleased to receive your email yesterday and glad everything is on the mend. Good luck with the script too 🙂

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