The networks that have formed since the inception of Alphainventions are quite amazing.

A few words of sincere thanks for the emails I have received today.As I was here most of the day I managed to reply to each as they arrived.The networks that have formed since the inception of Alphainventions  are quite amazing and now that the submission feature is running smoothly again, bloggers who submitted previously have returned and  Alphainventions  is attracting new bloggers who are extremely talented, producing some fabulous sites for all to enjoy.

It was a day of paying bills and catching up on some work here on the computer but it’ s  completed and out of the way; now I can concentrate on planning for the Holidays 🙂


9 thoughts on “The networks that have formed since the inception of Alphainventions are quite amazing.

  1. Word. As usual, coming from you, MaureenJ.

    Cheers! Thanks for hitting Alpha right on…spot on, too 🙂 🙂


    –beeha, 2cob

  2. I truly cannot grasp what alpha is or quite how it works. Despite spending hours pratting about trying to find out because there is no meaningful explanation that I can see.

    all I can see is that I have loads of hits but not one comment and it really looks like no-one has actually read any of my blog; but I’ not sure about that.

    I notice you have a quite a few comments from alpha people, so am puzzled. There are quite a few mysteries to me about the internet and how it works.

    But, anyway, have a look at my (t wo)blogs and tell me if they are worth reading.

    these two blogs were me just learning about doing it. The blog I really set out to write is about to start and is different because it is a corker of a story and personal, potentially difficult to be associated with in terms of people who might know me and so will have to be anonymous.

    It’s about my family life and my partner becoming mentally ill and the problems that brought to our children, plus all sorts of complications.

    See what I mean.

  3. Hi Gwendolyn.
    Thank you for your comments. It is a great social network builder in addition to a visible showcase for so many talented individuals to publish their writing, photography, art, songs, etc.

  4. Maureen, I have made a boo boo. I wanted to copy and paste my comment to you so I could use it as the basis for a blog post of my own about this subject.

    But one of the silly things computers do is lose things when you move off web pages, so my comment to you is now unrecoverable as the only place it resides is on your blog server and is inaccessable to me unless you publish the comment. Then I can copy it.

    Are you with me here ?


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