The venture into extreme sports has only whetted my appetite for more

I received quite a few interesting emails and comments about yesterday’s post.In particular, thanks Princess Haiku. You summed it up completely.For others who suggested I was in fact censoring myself by not writing about the issue bothering me; the Oxford  dictionary definition of censor is-make deletions or changes in.Censoring myself would be what I was doing if i did not disclose everything fully and as I mentioned I was unable to do that. I appreciate the feedback and the responses 🙂

This morning, a girlfriend arrived full of excitement. She has been out and purchased  a bicycle, her first. In fact she has never ridden a bike before and she felt that as she is approaching 60, it was about time she she learnt how to ride.When she has mastered that, she is going to learn how to swim,another item on her list of things to do before she reaches 60.

I can understand how she feels. My defining moment when I turned 50 this year , was my first sky dive  and deciding to obtain a solo jumping license. It was something I had wanted to do for many years but could never justify spending money so frivolously on myself but this year the time seemed ideal. It is one of the best decisions I have made and has given me a sense of personal achievement.

We laughed as we discussed what would be next on our list of “things we want to do” and she said  she could think of nothing else but for me, the venture into extreme sports has only whetted my appetite for more, possibly base jumping, which was  met with a look of terror from my friend!It is something to aim for anyway, life is short  and I intend to live life fully and experience as much of it as I can 🙂


2 thoughts on “The venture into extreme sports has only whetted my appetite for more

  1. Hi Maureen, Please tell us about this Base Jumping. Never heard of it. I’m getting a picture of an army base or a baseball diamond and can quite get past that….

  2. Hi James,
    You have made me base haha. Seriously though, Base Jumping is is jumping with the aid of a parachute or a wing suit, from a fixed object such as a building, rock face etc. It is extremely dangerous! There are many examples which can be viewed on You Tube. Take a look, it’s amazing 🙂

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