The junk has been spreading like a malignant tumour.

While many individuals are taking the opportunity to wind down, relax and take some time off for a well earned break, it is going to be quite a busy 3 weeks around my home.Of course, Christmas and Boxing Day will be relaxed and laid back but once they are over we are concentrating on doing a renovation project here and once that’s completed,disposing of all our unwanted and surplus ‘stuff’ through E-Bay and a garage sale.

D is a hoarder, there is no good saying one thing and meaning another. He keeps EVERYTHING(I am the opposite, a minimalist). He has everything he has ever owned since he was about 12years old.To gain access to the garage one must turn sideways, breathe in and then use sheer brute strength to hold back the years of accumulated gear. It’s all there. A 26 ft ski boat( which will be staying as once the junk goes, we may be able to get int out of the garage and use it, instead of it being used as a large storage facility), fishing gear, water skis, hunting and camping equipment, even a wet suit that was last worn in 1980 which D has as much chance of ever wearing again , as he does gaining selection for the Olympics. LOL.

There is timber, plumbing materials and tools. Power tools, gardening tools, industrial lathes, drills, etc. etc. This is a small example of the garage and as long as it remains there I usually have no issue with it but over the years, the junk has been spreading like a malignant tumour, making its way firstly, into the ceiling cavity and slowly into other rooms. He has kept every single item that Prue owned for her first 10 years, including all the baby gear, books, toys, swings, fingernails from the first time they were cut, all lovely and of course I will keep these and they take up some of the ceiling space, I really have no idea what is in the rest of it and expect it all to come tumbling down through the plaster into the rooms below one day!

Magazines-Β  some 40 years of fishing, skiing, shooting and also books of the same genres.I must admit, I have a substantial book collection and with the exception of professional texts and reference books, I am going to dispose of most of mine as well. I am still undecided about whether to throw out all my lecture notes(which are stored in bookcases in several folders)because quite often I find that I need them for a particular reference etc. but everything else has to go, either that or build anotherΒ  room in which to store the books and magazines.

Many other items such as unwanted crockery sets,presents and excess furniture, electrical items and electronic gearΒ  will all be going.Anything that can be donated to St Vinnies will go there and the rest is bound for E-Bay and the garage sale. D is reluctant as always about disposing of anything but I think even he can see that the time has come to be ruthless and let go of it. We may even make a dollar or two along the way to help with the renovations around the house!!!!! πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “The junk has been spreading like a malignant tumour.

  1. Oh dear, I have to admit I’m like your husband, I hoard EVERYTHING. Like you, I have decided to go through everything and have a cleaning frenzy but it’s going to be oh so hard. I have hundreds of books that are still packed in boxes from when I moved from Sydney to Gold Coast. That will be one of my New Years resolutions πŸ™‚
    Cheers for now
    Mal πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Mal,
    Thanks for your comments. I know what you mean about it being a difficult task, especially with books as each holds their own memories of particular times in our lives.A word of caution. Check everything before you throw it out because it would be heartbreaking to dispose of something in inadvertently. Good luck. Just think of all the extra room you will acquire πŸ™‚

  3. Um, another hoarder here. That’s why the dining room project has taken much longer than predicted. Corey came in tonight and said that I have much more crystal than one person needs. I merely looked at him with that “why whatever do you mean look?” and went back to the Christmas card project.
    On books: those I simply cannot get rid of unless they are starting to smell of dry rot or I absolutely know that I will not read them again. Then they are donatable. I did stop hoarding magazines except for those moments in time, such as Barack Obama being elected, things like that.
    But once I start unpacking or packing, I do find some of the weirdest things and wonder why I still have them.

  4. Oh Poietes,
    I hadn’t even given the crystal or china a thought. There is all of that too!!! I agree, the things that are discovered when you start to rummage through boxes and cupboards LOL
    Best wishes
    Maureen πŸ™‚

  5. When J. and I married 14 yrs. ago we combined our two households, and then we lost his father, his mother moved into a retirement home and then my mother died. Suddenly we had 2 new households worth of ‘stuff’. We filled a large dumpster 3 times and we could do it again, tomorrow. πŸ˜‰ My theory is a variation on the nature abhors a vacuum, or we see space and fill it. Perhaps we are all doomed?

  6. Hi and thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment.I think you are right, we are all doomed. LOL I can only imagine how your excess ‘stuff’ has impacted on your own home! Decisions about what should stay and what should go etc. You obviously have the patience of a saint.
    Best wishes
    Maureen πŸ™‚

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