Sometimes you have to ask yourself- who is nurturing us?

Today’s hot weather was typical of the weather we are meant to have at this time of the year, although the hot northerly wind made it quite unpleasant outdoors. There were short bursts of precipitation , which evaporated before they hit the ground. It seems we will have a warm Christmas after all, which makes me happy.

As I was out for most of the day, I did not answer any emails until late this afternoon but I have answered them. It was delightful to communicate with Lee and Dan in real time too. Thank you gentlemen and also many thanks for emails from readers wishing me compliments of the season too. I appreciate greatly, the correspondence I receive daily from Australia and all over the world !I am indeed fortunate 🙂

Lack of decent sleep finally caught up with me today and I allowed someone to get to me.Unforgivably, I was still upset about it and was short with Prue when I saw her at lunchtime. I rarely allow anyone or anything to get to me but today I  was not the calm and collected person I normally am and although I have apologised to Prue , I feel rather annoyed at myself  for snapping at her. Tiamo Prue*hugs*

Sleep deprivation,shopping the stress of the festive season seems to be affecting everyone in some way. I spoke with a friend today who said she was going on strike due to lack of interest from her family and Christmas dinner for them , will be a ham sandwich unless the family decide to pitch in and give her  a hand. Women are nurturers, we love preparing those big celebratory meals and making everything special for others but sometimes you have to ask yourself- who is nurturing us?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to ask yourself- who is nurturing us?

  1. Maureen,

    That’s a really good question. Would you mind if I do a blog on this subject? It’s something that women are always asking themselves.

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