At the time it was all very clandestine as my father would have metered out severe punishment for such activities!

I always look forward to this time of the year- the period between Christmas and New Year. The days seem anonymous and time appears to stand still. It is a time where  unexpected visitors may drop by, spontaneous day trips may be taken, or hours may be whiled away dozing off in the hammock, or reading. It’s like being in limbo, the pressures of daily life are removed and routine goes out the door.

My fondness for this time probably goes back to my childhood and the long hot summers we spent at the family beach house. We would virtually be left to our own devices each day and  would be up, have an early breakfast and spend the entire day at the beach, swimming and sunbathing(doused in coconut oil), eating fresh fruit, such as grapes , apricots, peaches etc.Occasionally, we would pool our resources and buy fish and chips for lunch, from the local fisherman’s co-operative, wrapped in paper and smothered in copious amounts of vinegar. As I got older , it was here that I discovered the opposite sex and as I reached my teens, daily assignations would be planned, to meet  boys( who were also holidaying) at the beach. My sister and I would bribe our siblings with money for sweets, to ensure their silence. It was all very tame as we all we used to do was gather at the beach, siblings in tow, meet the boys and spend the days swimming and listening to their transistor radio Hahaha. At the time it was all very clandestine as my father would have metered out severe punishment for such activities! Nights would be spent playing cards, monopoly or the occasional night at the local public hall, where a film would be shown. All these memories come flooding back at this time of the year!

Yesterday, I went down to visit with Prue at her house, which was terrific.We laughed about the funny episodes and antics of Christmas Day and agreed that it was a success. She is insisting I send her the photos taken on the day, which I will on the condition that she uses her Photo shop expertise before she posts them on Flicker. LOL 🙂


8 thoughts on “At the time it was all very clandestine as my father would have metered out severe punishment for such activities!

  1. Maureen,

    You know, I haven’t had really good fish and chips since I was a small girl in England. I’ve managed to find a few places here in the states that make it fairly well, but it’s not the same if it’s not wrapped up in paper and doused in malt vinegar, is it?

    Meeting boys at the beach when you are a young teen, ooh, I remember doing that. It was always so hard for me because I was so flat-chested, a late bloomer, so to speak, and my cousins were, um, not. But I was the exotic looking one who tanned easily (with Hawaiin Tropic coconut oil) so that kind of made up for the lack of the other.

    Thanks for the memory stroll. I was telling Corey that I’d like to go to Australia and have Christmas in the summer, and he said that he would probably enjoy it a lot more if it were in the summer. Ha.


  2. Hi Lita,
    I am pleased that you at least, knowwhat I mean when I speak of fish and chips! I had no idea you were from the UK.Unfortunately, like you I was not well endowed in the chest department but at least you bloomed…. I am still waiting Haha.
    I am sure you would enjoy a warm Christmas too!
    Best wishes

  3. Maureen,

    Thanks for sharing another of your youthful stories. Like you I much preferred the summer throughout my youth and still do though I can’t take much sun anymore.
    Your mention of the transistor radio brought back some memories. The transistor was my constant companion in the late 60’s. I carried it everywhere and played it at every opportunity (not in school or church mind you) .

    I had a cool bike with big motorcycle handle bars and a “banana seat”. Would position the transistor facing me, bound tightly to the middle of the bars, with my multicolored streamers flying from the handles and cruise around town feeling like a pharaoh.—James


  4. Hi James,
    Isn’t it fabulous how each season holds its own set of memories for us.Not being a winter person , it is those carefree days of summer- beaches, swimming, hot sand and the fragrance of coconut that tend to return at this time of the year. You know, we are both showing our ages by mentioning transistor radios. I know exactly the bike you had. Here they were called dragsters!
    Maureen 🙂

  5. I’m glad you had a hot Christmas and way too much food. It’s true, we have such deep-seated memories associated with holidays. Enjoy the New Year with my best wishes.


  6. Maureen,

    Not actually from the U.K. Dad was stationed there for four years while I was a very young girl, but I remember it. I know that it’s changed completely since I was there.

  7. Hi Lita,
    Ahh, I thought you must have come from there, What an adventure for a young child! You must have so many good memories of that time.
    Maureen 🙂

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