It will be a revealing manuscript, certain to shock some individuals.

A couple of days ago, I had an interesting email conversation with male friend with whom I have developed a good rapport. Since we have corresponded, we have chatted mainly Internet matters, the weather, our respective countries, music , art, poetry, the recent festive season but we know nothing on a personal level about each other. The only information we have about each other is what is contained in our bios and mine says zip about me other than where I am from and my date of birth(no mention of the year, another anomaly as I have no issues about my age -50).I suggested to this friend that since we have become quite friendly, it may be appropriate to reveal a bit more about each other, which he graciously declined. I respect his decision and it makes no difference at all to our on line friendship but it made me wonder just how much do we ever want to reveal to others about ourselves?

I discuss some personal issues here but really they are peripheral as I tend to keep the private me hidden; my fears, aspirations  and those problems that occur as part of living.Why? I enjoy the air of mystery but could it be I secretly fear rejection if the private me becomes an open book for all to share?

I read several blogs on a daily basis and many times I have wanted to contact the writer directly and say ” yes, I am going through exactly the same thing right now and it’s hard etc” but that desire to keep the private me hidden  stops me from doing it. I have kept a personal account of my life for many years and one day I will put it all into a book and then it can be read by all. It begins at childhood and covers each year since. It will be a revealing manuscript, certain to shock some individuals but it will be factual and that’s the most important thing, the truth will be passed on to my grandchildren and their children one day. 🙂

It has been remiss of me not to thank those of you who have emailed over the last week. As far as I can ascertain, I have replied to all of the correspondence and if I have not, I am sure to find it and reply soon. Thanks!


4 thoughts on “It will be a revealing manuscript, certain to shock some individuals.

  1. Maureen!
    I’m shocked already, just thinking about it. Don’t have to wait to read it…how long will we have to wait?…no, no it’s to shocking to even consider….you?

    About that unresponsive cad. I’d say drop ‘im. Excess baggage.

  2. Hi James,
    It’s the quiet ones who hold all the surprises James and unfortunately until some individuals are no longer with us, the book will have to wait. I don’t have the time or funds to enter into a protracted legal stoush. Hahahaha
    Maureen 🙂

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