I will enjoy having the house to myself :)

Sincere thanks to everyone who expressed their concern and best wishes to Prue.I am sure she appreciates your kind thoughts.

The appointment went well, thanks to an empathetic doctor who spent the time to listen to Prue and assess her thoroughly. Although she is still unwell, she elected to return to her own home last night as she misses (a)her own bed,(b) her cat Columbo.Armed with medications and some light food from here, we took her home where she promptly returned to bed  to catch up on the sleep she so desperately needs.I checked in with her later in the evening and she said she was feeling marginally better. Hopefully a good night’s rest and food( if she can tolerate it) will help.It is her birthday next week, so I hope she begins feeling better soon.This year it will be just the two of us celebrating her birthday as D is going away with work for at least a week.I will enjoy having the house to  myself 🙂


2 thoughts on “I will enjoy having the house to myself :)

  1. I’m glad the visit to the doctor went well. I have been thinking about the two of you today.

    Tell Prue to rest up and take care of herself. She wants to be able to have a nice birthday.


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