I would like to establish an on line community or an open blog site

Over the past few months,  have been fortunate to come into contact with some truly magnificent individuals. Mostly, fiercely protective of their privacy, they have reached out to me in friendship and support. Scattered all over the world each with their own problems, families and busy working lives they have taken the time to offer their personal support, advice and something we can all use- a good dose of humour!In particular, I want to thank Lita, Lee K, Dan, Lee(Singapore), Dawn, Lesley and last but certainly not least, James. I know there are many others who deserve to be mentioned but I am having a bit of a mental blank right now LOL.

There is an idea  I have been tossing around for a while and would appreciate any feedback and  hearing from anyone who feels they would like to be part of it. I would like to establish an on line community or an open blog site for multiple member authors, where members can discuss issues, make comments, display their poetry, etc. anything really. It will be a global meeting portal. Please email me or leave a comment with any ideas of feedback. I would really love to get something established where we can all come together.



16 thoughts on “I would like to establish an on line community or an open blog site

  1. Sounds Really Great if that can happen!!! Check out my latest posting on my blog, and have a good laugh!

    Whatever you are doing, I am in.

    Happy Birthday to Prue too!!!!


  2. We could do a live journal, which I think is kind of what you are talking about, but I don’t know that much about them yet.

    Sorry, I just bumped you on AI.


  3. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for you comment and birthday wishes for Prue(which I have passed on to her). Glad you are interested in getting something up and running. Any ideas ?
    I checked out your blog and everything you said is correct. Good on you for bringing it to his attention 🙂

  4. Here’s another connection between us Maureen
    January birthdays. My sisters is Jan 10. Grandmother (maternal) Jan 16, mine Jan 20.

    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

    Tell us more about your live meeting place idea. AI certainly is not, and will never be that. — James

  5. Hi James,
    Wow, there have been so many similarities! Your birthday is next week, I will not forget it!
    I welcome any ideas you may be able to contribute re: live meeting place. AI is not the place for it.
    Prue is much better thank you 🙂

  6. Maureen,

    are you from the land down under? for some reason I think that you are. I’m glad that I saw your blog show up on alpha. I got your note this morning. I had gone to bed when you had written. Your note made me more sensitive to flooding the blog waves. I didn’t realize it was a problem because everyone gets kicked out so quickly, including me. I don’t know who boots me, I just know that I get booted. However, I suspect that what happens sometimes is what happened today and probably happened last night. I had posted today a couple of entries and came back 45 minutes later and low and behold, there was both postings still in the roll. I’ve seen that before and I don’t get it…sometimes I have postings that seem to stay in the roll…I can’t even boot myself out when I’m trying Anyway, I’ll try to be more respectful. As I said, I thought everyone just got booted out right away like I usually do. Pass on my birthday wishes to Prue!

  7. Hi Bruce,
    Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed visiting your site today. You are not afraid to go with other fear to tread. Please feel free to send any ideas you may have about a networking site.
    Maureen 🙂

  8. Hi Symon,
    Yes, I am from Australia. Please do not think I sent the message with any malice. More as a reminder that many others find it near impossible to get on when your site pops up every couple of minutes. Thanks for being so responsive and you birthday wishes to Prue.
    Maureen 🙂

  9. Hi Ansella,
    Thanks for stopping by. Please check back if you are interested in participating in the forum/live journal when it is up and running 🙂

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