There is no excuse for such stupidity.

Since yesterday’s post I have received several expressions of interest in setting up a live journal/on line community.If there are others wishing to participate  or wanting to share their ideas about establishing  such a network, please contact me either by commenting or email me

Today is another hot day with the temperature expected to reach 39C again, as it did yesterday.The State is on bush fire alert and people have been advised to check on elderly neighbours  for dehydration etc. A timely reminder.

Much to my disgust, several individuals were charged yesterday with leaving their children (including an infant in one case) locked in cars while they attended to shopping or other activities. What is it with some people? Children will perish in a matter of minutes when confined in a locked car at such incredible temperatures. Fortunately,quick thinking passers-by noticed the children and broke into the cars to release them before tragedy struck and they suffered varying degrees of dehydration and were hospitalised.There is no excuse for such stupidity and the individuals responsible  deserve to face the full weight of the law, as well as having to attend a supervised intensive parenting course! Children are precious gifts  not excess baggage to be left at will and collected when convenient.


2 thoughts on “There is no excuse for such stupidity.

  1. Maureen,

    People who are that stupid do no deserve to have children or pets. What can they be thinking? Or is it that they are incapable of logical thought.

    We always have this problem here in the summer when the humidity is over 100 percent and the temperatures are climbing. There are always all of these messages reminding people about checking on the elderly, pets, and NOT LEAVING THEIR CHILDREN IN HOT CARS.

    I’m sorry, but we have to remind people of that???

  2. Hi Lita,
    Seems incomprehensible that it happens but it does. Thanks for bringing to my attention the risk to animals as well. That also,is a major concern. You know , people have to have a license to have an animal, yet there are no checks and balances in place to have a child!
    Maureen 🙂

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