Something radically diffferent.

After a good night’s sleep my outlook is far more positive than it was yesterday. Although my feelings about unfulfilled dreams are still the same, I have new goals to achieve and need to remain focused on those. Perhaps fate has intended this all along? Whatever the reasons, I have re-grouped  and am looking forward to 2009!!!!Thanks to those dear friends who reminded me that one’s goals and dreams change constantly, so flexibility is required on my part. You are correct. I hung on to some of those dreams/goals for far too long and the time has arrived to achieve some new goals.

To kick start this new mindset, I am off to  have my hair cut today, something radically different.I am like a chameleon and enjoy the way I can change my appearance, at times unrecognizable to family and friends! Nothing as drastic and purple hair and tattoos  but change just the same.When you are average and fairly plain in appearance as I am, creating a different look is not difficult and can be a real ego booster. Ha ha.

Before Prue went home to her house the other day, she asked me to cut her hair. We have had an understanding for many years that I would rather give her the money to have her hair done that do it myself ( I am a qualified hairdresser , having completed an apprenticeship in my teens). She can complain to someone else if she is unhappy!!! She insisted and I agreed to do it. To be honest I was eager to do it as one of her housemates had cut it recently and her beautiful thick, long hair looked hmm, the best way to describe it would be a mullet with a fur hat !!! I am so glad I had no part in that. Anyway, I cut her hair and she seemed to be very pleased with outcome; so was I. We women need to have out hair looking right. If it’s not then nothing is right 🙂


2 thoughts on “Something radically diffferent.

  1. Oooh hair. I hate bad hair. On occasion, I have had all of my hair cut off, and it has occasioned hysteria. I am a long hair person. I look like a monkey when I have short hair. I know this, but every once in a while, I lose my head and get it all cut off. Thank god I have someone who does my hair now who refuses to do what I ask when I tell her to cut it all off. She reminds me of what happened before, and she gives me a good trim, and then the next day, I feel much better.

  2. Hi Lita,
    You cracked me up with your comment. I love the monkey comparison ha ha. Well, it’s to late now. I have done it. My hair is short and wispy( think early Audrey Hepburn) and a different colour too. Now it will match that vivid nail polish!!!!

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