I am declaring Saturday- Good News Day!

With so much bad news about war, financial melt down,unemployment , violence and personal tragedies being a constant feature of our daily lives, I am declaring Saturday- Good News Day. Too often, heroic deeds, random acts of kindness and other stories that lift the spirits are overlooked in favour of  headlines with more ratings or circulation potential.

Today, two outstanding men, from opposite ends of the globe deserve recognition for their outstanding acts of heroism. Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger( Veteran of 29 years as a pilot with US Airways) and Trooper Mark Donaldson(SAS Australian Army).

Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger  _45382192_006729790-1Saved the lives of 155 passengers  and his crew by performing a controlled crash landing on the Hudson River, New York. His experience and considered actions not only saved the passengers and crew, but prevented the potential for catastrophic disaster, had the plane crashed into densely populated Manhattan.

Trooper Mark Donaldson

donaldson_467641aYesterday,was awarded the first Victoria Cross in 40 years, for conspicuous acts of gallantry during a Taliban ambush in Afghanistan last September.He displayed complete disregard for his own safety by deliberately exposing himself to enemy fire to draw attention away from wounded soldiers . Later he realised a severely wounded interpreter was inadvertently left behind and again risked his own safety by undertaking the rescue  and exposing himself  to heavy enemy fire to undertake  the 80 m dash to recover the wounded interpreter.

Both men deserve to be called true heroes.

On a more personal note. I was very moved  when I received a comment here from my daughter, Prue  last night but I was completely lost for words when I read her blog   http://pruesaysit.com/

Thank you Prue. You are a wonderful daughter and I am truly blessed 🙂


2 thoughts on “I am declaring Saturday- Good News Day!

  1. I would say that three heroes need to be honored, Sully, Donaldson, and you. Mums don’t get recognized nearly enough, and that’s what Prue did for you, Maureen.

    So Saturday is good news and thank you for heroic acts day, for people who give of themselves selflessly, thinking only of others when it really counts. Okay?

  2. Oh Lita,
    That’s so kind of you. I believe all mothers should be saluted. They are the silent achievers who ensure the family doesn’t collapse!
    Maureen 🙂

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