Sunday morning is my favourite time of the week!

Sunday morning is without doubt, my favourite time of the week. I look forward to getting up early and having a leisurely breakfast, freshly brewed coffee and reading the papers. I do this each morning but Sundays are quieter. No sounds of traffic, trains or other annoying background noise, just the chorus of magpies and other assorted bird life, welcoming the brilliant morning sun as it pierces the pre- dawn sky.The tranquility I find in this early morning solitude is better than any tonic!

I have always been an early riser, in fact I am also a night owl. My body seems to function well on 4 -5 hours sleep  and has done so since I was a teenager, working up to three jobs to make ends meet. Those years of working such unsociable hours screwed up my sleeping patterns completely. Many years ago I did , for a short period of time, experiment with sleeping medication, in order to get a good night’s rest. My advice for anyone is DON’T. They are highly addictive and when you come off them , sleeping is nigh impossible. Now , I spend those waking hours while others sleep soundly, reading, attending to domestic tasks, meditating, listening to music and I have been known to go mad in the kitchen, baking. LOL

Many thanks for the emails and comments I have received this week. I appreciate the contact and the feedback. Those who receive regular email feeds or subscribe to live feeds  may experience problems for the next few weeks as Google have, in their infinite wisdom, decided to shift all their feedburner accounts. They have advised that there could be minor disruptions( there have been major disruptions already)in the short term. What can I do? Be patient, I am sure they  will have it up and running correctly, eventually 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sunday morning is my favourite time of the week!

  1. Sunday has always been my favorite day. It’s just the day that is most peaceful, don’t know why. I wish that I could get up earlier like I used to. I love to listen to birdsong in the morning. I love early morning in the spring. Maybe when I finally get a deck, I’ll be motivated to take my coffee out there in the early morning and listen to the world before everyone wakes up. I hope so. I miss that.

    Maybe I’ll go for early morning swims. Maybe I’ll still be in bed at 2 in the afternoon like a slug. Maybe you’ll find a way to make my computer ding loudly so that I can’t do that!

  2. Hi Lita,
    It is a wonderful way to start the day.I hope come spring you too ,will be able to enjoy those peaceful breakfasts(then worry later about going for the early morning swims LOL).
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Hi Maureen,

    Sorry, I came to visit some 8 or 10 hours ago then busy with several of mine forgot to come back and leave a comment but left your site open. Then I fell asleep, for a long sleep intending only a nap. Hohpe you are well.– J.

  4. Hi Maureen,
    I bumped you off alpha.
    I too used to drink coffee (a lot), then after I gave up, strong tea as a substitute.
    I wonder how many hours sleep per night you would need without coffee or other source of caffeine? But no doubt you wouldn’t want to try!

  5. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for your comment. I try not to drink any caffeine after lunch but unfortunately , this has not improved my sleeping patterns. Glad it worked for you though 🙂

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