I tried and that’s all I can do!

Since Christmas in particular, I have experienced a massive increase in readership, which has seen the number of hits and subscriptions climb to heights I never imagined possible.The increase has been phenomenal and I must acknowledge the exposure I receive from the network blogging site AlphaInventions. Yes, Alphainventions have had some issues over the past few months but I can only speak from my own experiences of the site and the majority of the time it has been good. I do however, wish to advise all readers that I am not responsible for an old post of mine , which is frequently submitted into the reading cycle, without my knowledge. This does bother me because I do not wish to be labelled as one of the dreaded spammers who enjoy monopolising the site, making it near impossible for other bloggers to submit their sites.

I sincerely appreciate the support  from everyone who reads this blog and enjoy receiving emails, comments and feedback. Through the correspondence I have received , I have discovered some brilliant blogs, which have become compulsory daily reading. Again, thank you.

I am disappointed that my message and New Year greetings to a friend, has failed to promote any further dialogue. I tried and that’s all I can do!


4 thoughts on “I tried and that’s all I can do!

  1. You tried, and now it’s time to move on. Take it as a sign, sweetie. I tried to reestablish contact with someone who I felt I really needed to reconnect with because it felt as if it wasn’t finished. There was no closure, at least not on my part. I never felt that I knew why? I needed to know why. I needed that last conversation. I tried again and again over the years, and nothing, ever. The pain came from the trying. And it took me well over a decade to realize that I was causing my own pain.

    There comes a time when you must decide how much longer you are going to try to reconnect with someone who does not want to touch that line that you are casting upon the waters and how much longer you are willing to attach your heart to that line.

    “The heart is an organ of fire.”

  2. Hi Lita,
    I have to agree with you. The worst part is not saying all that needed to be said. I can’t stand unfinished business but it seems I have no option.

  3. I’m known to hold a candle of hope til the wax burns my hand. I’m glad you’re a part of my world … it’s sweet to know my heart gets bruised in the same place.

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Tragic aren’t we? Maybe she changed her mobile number when she shifted? If that were the case, I would have thought she would have sent me her new number. We did not have a falling out and as far as I know we we still great friends. I will forget about it and if and when she is ready she may call me.
    She was such a lovely colleague and friend.
    Maureen 🙂

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