You will have to make allowances for any typos or weirdness in my writing today

You will have to make allowances for any typos or weirdness in my writing today (it is frequently weird so you should be used to it lol) because I am still under the influence of some heavy duty drugs I was given by Dr last night for a severe migraine. A friend mentioned she had a migraine the other day and I felt so much empathy for what she was going through and thankful that I had not suffered one  for some time.Well, yesterday it was my turn.

For those who have never had the misfortune to experience migraine and I do mean true migraine, the pain and the side effects are hard to explain.Unfortunately, none of the preventive medications work for me and the only thing that works is a combination of  narcotics, which leave me feeling wiped out and hungover for days

Today, I had planned to take Prue out to get her belated birthday present and have lunch. I feel guilty that I have let her down because I know she was looking forward to it but I can barely stand up, let alone even consider driving! I hope she understands.


4 thoughts on “You will have to make allowances for any typos or weirdness in my writing today

  1. I’ve only had a migraine once before. I had to wear sunglasses the entire day, and kept almost falling over. I’m sorry to hear you have one.

  2. Sorry I didn’t write sooner. I was helping Brett write his research paper which is due on Wednesday. I’ve been thinking about you though. I really didn’t expect to see a post.

    I’ve had to get shots when nothing else works and believe it or not, I’ve had times when the shots didn’t work either. I once went to the ER for a migraine that was killing me. This was when I was married to Paul, and he wouldn’t take me to the doctor. My mom and dad drove me. The nurse put me in a dark room to wait. This asshole of a doctor came to the door, turned on the overhead light and said, “so you have a headache, huh? Does the light hurt your head? I had tears running down my face. I guess he thought that I was faking it to get drugs. He turned off the light and walked off, never even came in the room. Next thing I knew, the nurse came in and gave me a shot. I told her what he did. She just shook her head. I was shaking I was so mad.

    What is it with belittling women in pain?

    I’m so sorry you caught my headache. I thought that you would be immune. You are far enough away, you know. Well tomorrow, I will be ecstatic with joy, so maybe that will find its way to you.

    Big hugs. Warm washcloth on your forehead. Cold washcloth on the back of your neck.

  3. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for thinking of me. You are lovely. I wish Brett good luck with his paper too.
    I too, have found Drs can sometimes be unsympathetic towards women particularly when you are suffering from migraine. Is she a druggo? Is it all in the head? Take an aspirin and go home to bed! I am fortunate to have an understanding Doctor 🙂

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