How lovely it was to receive a compliment from a stranger.

I have not long returned from being out for a couple of hours and I am feeling very pleased with myself.While I was out a guy, completely unknown to me, approached to tell me he thought I looked stunning today! Of course I  was shocked and ready to ignore him, but he went on to say that he lives in the area, has a family and often sees me. He said he knew he was being terribly politically incorrect and for me not to think he was coming on to me but he just wanted me to know that the new hair etc looked great. With that he bid me farewell and was gone.

How lovely it was to receive a compliment from a stranger. It reminded me so much of days gone by when individuals could compliment each other or even give the odd wolf whistle  without being accused of sexual harassment. Nowadays, particularly in the workplace, people are reticent to mention anything of a personal nature for fear of being being accused of having ulterior motives.

I know I have resisted complimenting many of my male colleagues on their appearance (suits , ties shoes etc.) because of political correctness( especially in the Public Service). I have also refrained from complimenting many of my female contemporaries , for fear of being accused of trying to ingratiate myself . A simple, genuine compliment can really lift ones spirits and I think it’s a rather sad indictment of  the times in which we live, when we are suspicious of someone being pleasant.

Would the person responsible for submitting my old post please cease and desist immediately.Yesterday I was pleasant  and politely requested it stop but I am over it and want everyone to know I have no part in this old post being included in the ALPHAINVENTIONS reading cycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


8 thoughts on “How lovely it was to receive a compliment from a stranger.

  1. Hi maureenj, I’m also a fan of your blog. It does feel nice to get a compliment from a stranger, but you know what I like even better? When a woman compliments another woman. It doesn’t happen very much. They’re often too afraid to make another woman feel good about herself.

  2. Hi House,
    Thank you for your kind comments. I am also a fan of your site!
    I agree with you. For some reason women are reluctant to compliment each other.A woman who is now one of my best friends, absolutely hated me when we first met because I would compliment her work or her hair etc. She thought I was after her position because she had never experienced anyone being sincerely pleasant. It costs nothing but it can make an incredible difference to someone’s day.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Heh Maureen,
    I always try to remember a compliment or two when I pass through the office. But your right, times have changed.

    BTW what’s that post that’s upsetting you?

  4. If I were there, I’d tell you how lovely your hair is, and you know why? Because I have nothing to gain from it and nothing to lose, but I know that you would enjoy hearing it. That’s why women should compliment each other: purely for each other’s joy, and not out of obligation, or to chat each other up. I hate people who fell a necessity to compliment you every day when you know they are just trying to find something, anything to compliment you on. I just finished working with a woman like that. I was always trying to figure out what she wanted from me. Finally I just gave up and said thank you everyday and walked off.

    But if I cut off all of my hair, and you said, “oh Lita, that looks wonderful.” I’d burst into tears because I’d know that you were lying because I’d really look like a monkey.

    How nice that your neighbor complimented you, but don’t compliment any of the men at work, you know, as in “nice buns you have there.” That would be construed as inappropriate workplace conversation.

    Glad we cleared all of that up. I still need chocolate and msucle relaxers, by the way.

  5. Hi Lita,
    I was so taken back,I could feel my jaw hit the ground but I did mange to be gracious and say thank you. No, no nice buns comments for the guys at work(I keep those thoughts to myself LOL)

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