A woman’s body is her own and she alone is free to choose with whom she has sex- husband or not.

It has been revealed today via the media, that a self styled Islamic cleric has endorsed Islamic men to rape and beat their wives. He made these horrifying comments  to a group of his male worshippers here in Melbourne during a speech he was delivering  titled ” The Keys to a Successful Marriage”, which can be viewed on You Tube http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=M2z_2dMecFM

He states that husbands, under Islamic Law  have the right to demand sex from their wives whenever they felt like it and beat their wives as long as the beating did not result in bleeding or bruising!!!! He also ridicules Australia’s criminal laws, which require consent for sex to be lawful.

I am not suggesting that this cleric is in any way representing the views of  Islam in general. He is a radical with his own views, similarly found in many religions and sects. The concern about this is how many Islamic men, particularly the young and impressionable males are heeding  his words and acting on them and why has the Islamic community here in Australia not condemned his views?

Through my work , I have met many Islamic men and found them to be respectful and gracious. It is these men, good husbands and fathers, who are going to feel the fall out because of this misogynistic self styled cleric.

Rape is rape, there is no grey area. Whether that be in the marital bed or not. A woman’s body is her own and she alone is free to choose with whom she has sex- husband or not.


10 thoughts on “A woman’s body is her own and she alone is free to choose with whom she has sex- husband or not.

  1. maureenj, this is a horrible ideaology. It makes me sick that these people live like animals and think that it’s civilized in their warped minds. I prefer to not even think on this, as they are going to do whatever they want to do. As horrible as it is.

  2. I don’t agree with this at all. I can’t believe we still have people that claim it is okay to do this. I personally think that it should be considered a crime to do anything that might alter a woman’s desire to have sex with a man (pressuring, peer pressure, alcohol etc).

  3. Hi House,
    It’s a sad fact but true, that this sort of thing is going on in our own communities.I do prefer to think about it, as I have seen how devastating rape of any persuasion can be. It would be wrong however to brand any specific religion or ideology as the culprits because rapists come from every demographic and race.

  4. Needless to say I did not make the journey to your link as I probably would end up offending many people from another culture and wind up on some kind of heretical list (not the first time I’m sure).

    Let’s see if I understand this. A man can beat his donkey if his donkey is acting up. A man can fornicate with his sheep if he so desires because a sheep has a vagina. A man can treat his wife like a donkey if she is being stubborn and beat her as long as he doesn’t go overboard and let the beatings show, and after these beatings, she will be a good donkey and not be stubborn. But let’s say the sheep gets tired of the man sticking his pecker in her vagina because she’s a sheep, and technically a ewe, so she wants to say get your pecker out of ewe, but he’s confused because he doesn’t think his pecker is in you as in him but is in you as in her, so now he’s really confused, which is what the sheep wanted so that while he was standing there with his limp dick in his hands, she could run away. The man, who wanted someplace to put his pecker, now has to go to his woman, but she has become stronger through his lesson about the donkey, so she tells him not to be a jackass, and proceeds to beat his pecker with a stick.

    No, that wasn’t the story, was it? Too bad. I really liked my version much better because in mine, the men get treated the way they think they should be able to treat women.

  5. H Lita,
    Like you, I kept my thoughts and opinions well controlled, so as not to offend anyone but I really do like your analogy!

  6. My analogy is actually stupid, but the situation is appalling, and whenever I hear of such horrible, brutal acts against women and how they are being perpetuated and taught to younger generations of men, it simply makes my skin crawl, and I feel utterly helpless because it’s social conditioning and outside interference is viewed very negatively.

  7. Hi Amitabh,
    These individuals are indeed, sub human and for this radical cleric to promote such barbaric acts on women, under the guise of religious doctrine is nothing more than disgusting. As a society we need to remain vigilant and be aware that these degrading and violent acts could be taking place in our own neighbourhoods. I hope the Islamic hierarchy come out and denounce this sad excuse for a man and his teachings.

  8. Hi Lita,
    You have summed it up completely.There is too much of this softly, softly approach and it is about time that society came out and took a stand against this cleric and anyone else who violates women and/or children.

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