Perhaps this will be a wake up call for him?

It really is good to get back to some semblance of normality today, after the dramas of D’s collapse at work yesterday. Around lunchtime , I received a call from D’s employer telling me he had collapsed at work and an ambulance had been called. They could not give me an accurate description of what occurred and my first  thoughts was that it must be his heart or a stroke. As I gathered my keys to leave the house  my mind was racing. Where will they take him? Shall I head down to his work( some 20 minutes away) and risk missing the ambulance or should I stay put and wait until I received news of where he had been taken? I opted for that latter but after several minutes I could wait no longer and headed out to drive down to his workplace. Any other time I have a full tank of fuel but yesterday I didn’t and needed to stop off to fill up en route. It was there that I received a call saying the ambulance had arrived and as soon as they knew where he was to be transported they would get back to me. Again I waited and after several minutes , the call came telling me that he had not be taken to hospital and that his co workers would bring D and his car home. I can imagine that D would have refused any suggestion of  going to hospital!

He arrived home, looking pale and shaken. His collapse was brought on through inhaling industrial thinners  while enclosed in a non ventilated room. Although relieved that he was ok, I was as angry as hell that he could be so foolish. He knows the dangers  working with chemicals and to do it without any mask or adequate ventilation? He was safe and although still quite unsteady on his feet, as well as could be expected.That was the most important thing.

In the midst of all of this, I had to let Prue know what was going on and of course she was distressed. She was together when she and her housemate Lauren arrived here shortly after D arrived home, but I know she went into meltdown when I called to tell her. She came bearing cold drinks, ice and all the other essentials to make her father comfortable on a day of 39C and then proceeded to tell him off for being so stupid!!

Later, Prue and I discussed the events of the day and she told me that she had always expected to receive  a call, such as the one I made to her about her father. D is not in good shape at all and is a prime candidate for a heart attack  so in the back of our minds we both expected it one day. Like many men, D thinks he is invincible  and that he can ignore OH&S issues and his general health . Perhaps this will be a wake up call for him?


6 thoughts on “Perhaps this will be a wake up call for him?

  1. Let us hope that this will be the wake up call that he needs so that neither you nor Prue have to deal with the anxiety of “what-if” telephone calls again.

    D. needs to realize how selfish it is to put the both of you in that position, how unfair it is to expect you not to worry, to carry on as if everything is always going to be fine, because you cannot assume that.

    I’m glad that Prue told him off. Maybe he’ll listen more.

  2. Hi Lita and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
    Yes,Prue was just as annoyed as me and she does not hold back when she gets started LOL.
    Seriously though, it is a concern and I think it is selfish of him not to look after himself better. I can only do so much, the rest is up to him. If not for himself, then for Prue,
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Dear Maureen:
    With everything you have going on, I am worried that perhaps you will have the heart attack. D should get in for a physical. And you should treat yourself to a day at the spa!


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