Good News Saturday Continues- A Mother & Daughter Shopping Day.

I have just returned home from a day out, which started with visiting a  friend this morning for coffee and then  shopping with Prue for her belated birthday present. The day has been superb. Not too hot and  I managed to get a car park without driving around the shopping centre  car parks for hours LOL

Prue selected a lovely dress for herself and then spotted a belt which she said she adored  but she could not see anything else,so as she has taken up swimming each day, I told her I will buy her the bathers I know she has been wanting.I thought it was just me being fussy but Prue also commented about the  disappointing  range of clothing available this season. Regardless of price, they all seem to be of poor quality and as far as style goes, quite common. We did not see one thing that stood out as being one of those ‘must have’ garments. Even this season’s shoes are disappointing. I tend to buy timeless pieces and dress them up or down, according to the occasion and they never wear out (which is good because whenever I  need to go shopping for clothes I can never find anything  I like). The same with shoes but I really thought that Prue would have been able to select a few outfits  today, not just one dress. I  don’t know if today was the best day for her to have gone out looking for clothes anyway, as she has a few things going on in her life right now and she was a bit preoccupied.As always though, it was lovely just to spend some time together. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Good News Saturday Continues- A Mother & Daughter Shopping Day.

  1. Hi Maureen,

    Maybe the two of you should wait a few weeks and try again. It’s just been such an awful week for both of you, and your juju isn’t right. I think that you need to let everything settle a bit, and then go back out. I’ll bet that if you do, you’ll have much better luck at finding things, but you’ll probably have to drive around for half an hour before you find a parking space.

    Glad you were able to spend some time together.


  2. Hi Lita,
    I think you are right. It has been a full on week for both of us. Yes, it was nice to spend some time together.
    Have a great week end.
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Thanks for the lovely day Mumma. Sorry I was preoccupied…I will make it up to you. I adore the dress and I realised I have those shoes I wore to the Funeral the other day that will match it, so no need for new shoes! Love you.

  4. Hi Evelyn,
    Thank you for your generous comments. You have two terrific sites which I intend to visit often.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

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