I want to thank two very special women.

I have been out since early this morning and I have not long arrived home. As predicted, the temperature is already 42 C outside  and the weather bureau is predicting the same or even hotter for the next four days. I have to concede to D today;it is good to have air-conditioning!

The meeting went well and I have received an email and a phone call about it already, so that’s positive.Prue had an appointment today and she looked fabulous(she always does) in her new dress.We had some time to fill before our meetings so we went for water and a Subway(Prue) and a long black (Me). It was good to sit and relax for a few minutes before we ventured out into the heat again.

I want to thank two very special women, who never fail to bring a smile to my face- Lita and Lee 🙂


5 thoughts on “I want to thank two very special women.

  1. The only time Lita is speechless is when she is drinking a Pepsi or eating a Twizzler, but very nice touch. Thank you. (love the pix by the way).

    I stopped writing at 5 a.m. my time this morning. I believe I might be going mad, would think so, but it takes too damned much energy.

    Glad Prue already found a reason to wear her new dress. Alexis wore her large cashmere sweater to work today at the thrift store. I laughed when she stopped by. I said, “cash-mere at the thrift store?” She said, “but of course . . . a hole here, a hole here, a hole here.” (We were both doing our very bad Steve Martin fake French accents).

    I don’t know if someone like me can continue to do GIST everyday. In fact I’m surprised that I’ve done what 4 or 5 in a row. I think that it takes 2 things that I don’t have, well at least one thing that I don’t have. I do have the discipline now, but I don’t have the happy, find something positive if you try gene. You know?

    In fact, when you read today’s post, you’ll see that I’m still really bothered by yesterday’s post. It’s killing me what happened to those children, to that old man.

    Also, was up so late because I ended up on a Topomax site by accident, and found out that it has all of these horrible side-effects that I have never associated with it, but a lot of my weirdness might be coming from this drug that I’ve been taking to prevent my migraines. This has me totally weirded out.

    I think I need to try to sleep tonight. Glad everything went well, in spite of melting temperatures. See, sometimes D can be right about the A/C.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Cashmere is wonderful to wear anytime. Well done Alexis!
    That’s really concerning about the meds Lita but it may be an explanation. Hmm,I just though of another GIST for you- finding the Topomax site.
    Try and get a good night’s rest 🙂

  3. Lee is never speechless. And when Lee is talking in the third person, there is cause for concern.

    Seriously, Maureen, I am glad I can make you smile. I so enjoy reading your blog, your sharing a slice of life that everyone can relate to. It is freezing and snowing in Saint Louis, I am so envious of the weather you are having in Australia.

    Stay cool!

  4. Hi Lee,
    You do make me smile, often! Your comments are very generous, thank you.Lee,I am telling you, if you enjoy the heat then this is the place for you right now. The temperature did not drop below 32C all night,
    Stay warm
    Maureen 🙂

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