What a long , hot night it has been.

What a long , hot night it has been(and I am not talking about fun nocturnal recreational activities either) LOL. The temperature did not drop below 32C all night and there was a hot northerly wind, so opening the doors and windows made it even worse.Due to the noise regulations(we have a regulation for everything in this country), air conditioners are meant to be switched off no later than 22:00 but as D pays scant regard to any official directives , they remained on until 12:30. I ensured he was asleep before I turned them off ! He slept quite well as he has a ceiling fan in his room which at least, circulates some air.

As I could not sleep, I got up and did some writing on the PC, read, made toast at some weird hour and tried to placate Chevy( my cat) who would not settle. It was a relief when the night ended and I could allow Chev outside!

Fortunately, there has not been any power outages here as there has been in many parts of the city. Some areas have not had power for more than 15 hours! The rail system is barely coping , with tracks buckling in the heat causing the cancellation of many services and commuters to become irate.The Government is urging people to work from home, which is all very well and good if you can but for the majority of people this is impossible. The chickens are coming home to roost as far as this government goes and they are paying the price for several years of failing to maintain the rail and power services!

Days like this are extremely dangerous for the elderly, young children and animals(who are often locked outdoors in the elements all day). I remember when my daughter was born, we  experienced  several days of temperatures in excess of 40C and the only air-conditioning available to us at that time was in the car, so we used to spend hours driving around, keeping Prue cool and comfortable. The situation was so bad that we depleted our bank balance on installing air conditioning for our flat, so she would settle and commence drinking again.It was either that or risk her dehydrating, so the choice was obvious.

Later today, I will endeavour to catch up on some sleep because it is going to be another hot night , tonight.

Thanks for the many emails I have received since the week end. I will finish replying today 🙂


4 thoughts on “What a long , hot night it has been.

  1. Okay, Mauree, that comment I made about being envious of the hot weather you were having, I take that back. I was uncomfortable just reading this post. I am certainly learning a lot about Australia. You know, air conditioning regulations, melting tracks with your railroad, indigenous people being unhappy. Good God; I would tell you to move to the United States, but then you have people like George Bush. I mean, can’t you protest and let your officials know that this is unacceptable.

    Come and visit me!

  2. Hi Lee,
    For all those problems , it is still a great place to live. Federally and State, if electorate know what’s good for them, they will vote these clowns out, maybe then we will get back on track. I would love to visit, Hopefully, one day that may happen. Can you imagine it? We would not stop talking!
    Maureen 🙂

  3. As Lee said, I had no idea that your country had so many inane regulations and was in such bad shape. I think to so many of us in the U.S., or at least to me, Australia is one of the last best places in the world. Seriously, Australia was always going to be the place that I was going to pack up my family and move to if I ever left that states. Not Europe, but Australia.

    If we had that rule over here about turning of air conditioning at 8, there would be pure chaos because so many people would not obey it.

    Do you not have a ceiling fan in your room? They do help. I know from experience. I’m so sorry that it’s so hellish right now. It seems that much of your infrastructure in your country is in need of repair just as ours is. Governments are lax about things like that until there is a tragedy, and then they react rather than be proactive. I’m hoping that will be different now.

    Remember to eat cool things like jello and popsicles or whatever you call them. Adults get dehydrated too without realizing it. Take care. Air hugs. Lita.

  4. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments and please don’t allow me to deter you from ever coming here because it truly is the best country on earth. Too bad we have such fools running it! Environmental Authorities regulate noise here (shhhhh no passing wind, the neighbours may be disturbed LOL) and they encourage neighbours to report excess noise(is that a vision of Animal Farm running through your mind?).
    Right now, it is 43.6 C outside. Thank you too, for your lovely words about me in your blog.

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