Yesterday, I received some brilliant news!

The heat wave is continuing here, with the temperature reaching 45C+ in Melbourne yesterday and the same expected today. Last night was much more comfortable here as we left the air-conditioning on all night(and so did all the neighbours, so the EPA will have to fine all of us if a report is made about noise).I managed to get a couple of hours sleep but I am feeling good today.

Yesterday, I received some brilliant news re: the meeting I attended on Wednesday- an invitation to meet with the management of the organisation next Wednesday regarding taking up a position there. I am looking forward to meeting with them and hearing their proposal. If it does pan out , I will be taking on a position which encompasses everything I have been doing for the past 8 years,as well as several new challenges, which excites me.

In order to avoid going out in the heat today, I went shopping for groceries etc. at 06:00 and how good was that? No waiting at the check out meant that I was in and out within 15 minutes!

On a much sadder note. Yesterday, the whole city was in shock after a father allegedly threw his daughter off  West Gate Bridge , here in Melbourne. The five year old was rescued from the water but tragically died in hospital after the doctors fought to save her for 4 hours. This terrible event does have mental health implications, something which I will get into at a later date because to be honest, I find it just too terrible to write about today. If you are interested in reading about it, this is the link to the Herald Sun Newspaper –,21985,24982142-661,00.html

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2 thoughts on “Yesterday, I received some brilliant news!

  1. Maureen:
    Best of luck on your promotion. Very exciting.

    The other event concerning the man and his daughter, I could not even look at the article. The sadness I feel when I read such tragedies is overwhelming.


  2. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for that but I am not going to get ahead of myself. We will see what Wednesday brings! It is exciting though.
    I have to say that I am experiencing identical feelings to you about the tragedy yesterday.
    Take care

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