I felt good walking into the conference room to meet everyone.

If there’s one thing that is extremely difficult for me, it would have to be selling myself. Unlike many other countries, Australians tend to have issues promoting themselves, talking themselves up and “blowing their own trumpet”. I am more comfortable in handing over my CV and allowing that and my work  to speak for itself! Not really acceptable or appropriate when you are meeting with the executive officers of an organisation in the hope of securing a position.

Today, I met with an organisation’s senior management from  3 metropolitan offices, to have further discussions about the position I wrote about in a recent post. Being a senior position they insisted upon me meeting all the relevant managers(who had all prepared copious notes and questions for me) but then again, I had just as many questions to ask of them! Although quite gruelling, it was a productive meeting and I have a thorough understanding of their expectations and they of mine.

Even though it was very hot today, I ensured I presented in a professional manner and felt confident about my appearance. I felt good walking into the conference room to meet everyone, after all, making a good first impression is paramount and feeling ok about my appearance certainly eased  any feelings of nervousness!

When the meeting finally concluded, I felt relaxed and eager to meet with them again next week but I was also exhausted. Remembering names, titles, locations etc meant I had to be switched on and really on my game. Never mind the sweltering conditions and poor air conditioning LOL

More tomorrow, I am off to bed now 🙂


4 thoughts on “I felt good walking into the conference room to meet everyone.

  1. Dear Maureen:

    I am absolutely positive you were fabulous on the “meeting of the executives.” I would without a doubt give you the promotion. Remember, if this does not pan out, I still think you would make a great “Oprah” talk show host in Australia. James, Lita and myself could be your sidekick — every talk show host has one. The reason I pick Oprah is because people relate to you and the stories you share with us on your blog. I am sure it was evident on your interview that you have the ability to relate to and work well with people.
    Best, as always,

  2. I agree with Lee. I’d love to sit on the couch with you and be a sidekick. What a hoot that would be!

    I’m also certain that you did wonderfully in your interview. You know your stuff, and I’m sure that you came across well, regardless of the grueling temperatures.

    Will keep good thoughts.


  3. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your kind words. Yes, wouldn’t doing something like that be fun?
    Keep well. I have been thinking of you .

  4. Hi Lee,
    Thanks for that. I am certain that if I am meant to have the job then it will be.
    Can you just imagine how much fun it would be ,doing a show like Oprah? We all have our own personal backgrounds and stories, which I am certain everyone would relate to in some way.
    Take care
    Maureen 🙂
    P.S. When you have a few spare moments, would you please send me your address, Thanks Lee.

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