Thank you. You are my inspiration!

Last night, I had trouble sleeping, due to the heat and thoughts of yesterday’s interview running through my head. There was nothing I could do about either so I took advantage of the quietness and did some meditation.Those familiar with meditation and deep relaxation techniques know that sometimes , being in that state of relaxed consciousness can really expand your mind and create a tranquil, clear view of problems and thoughts in general.I thought about the many friends I have made through this site, some known to readers through comments but the majority prefer not to comment but make contact with me through emails or MSN.Modern technology has certainly made us all part of a global village, where we are no further away than the click of a mouse!

So many of those women and men who contact me have led or are leading incredible lives,going about their daily business without any fan fare or recognition when the fact is  they are all dealing with individual problems  that would break your heart. Yet, they carry on, determined to overcome their problems, deal with their own set of issues and make the most of their lives. You are all champions and I feel honoured that you trust me enough to discuss some of those personal and sensitive areas of your lives.

All of us to some extent, wear a mask to the outside world. I know I do and that’s my way of dealing with my own inadequacies and fears. To the world I appear full of confidence and self assurance but the truth is I am always fighting a battle with that negative voice in my head. I know it comes from years of put downs  while I grew up and unfortunately they have remained.Parents can and do have such a dramatic impact on their children!

Many of those with whom I correspond have experienced sadness, violence and neglect throughout their lives  but they carry on, determined to make a better life for themselves and their families. Thank you. You all inspire me!!!! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Thank you. You are my inspiration!

  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, there are so many individuals who are experiencing hard times but the majority do not share them. Sometimes just knowing there is someone who will listen can make an incredible difference.
    Please stop by again 🙂
    Best wishes

  2. Dear Maureen:

    We all carry our own baggage. It is what makes us who we are and makes us stronger. You know, Maureen, we are a community, each and every one of us. We need to support each other. We are a world community. You know, Maureen, you are half way around the world and I feel very connected to you. Peace on earth!


  3. Hi Lee,
    I too feel very connected with you even though there is such a distance between us. It is really a shame that not everyone shares our ideas about being a community. What a world it would be if we all looked out for each other 🙂
    Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. Maureen,

    I honestly do not do if I did not have my daily visits with you. You have become such a part of my daily routine: I write a little, and then I give myself a break and check in on the Maureen page to see if there is a new comment or a new post. That’s my reward for writing something new.

    And then I’ll write some more, and then I’ll check back in on my Maureen line to see if you’ve checked in yet and made any new comments. It really helps on those days when I’m feeling so blue that I just don’t really want to carry on.

    Even though you are half a world away, and some of the people I talk to through your blog are just a few hours away from me here in the states, I really take a lot of pleasure out of what we have created here. I have this little community, and one or two others that I check in on daily, but this one by far is my favorite, the one that I would really miss if I didn’t hear from White Orchid for several days.

    You know how often, you are the genesis for ideas for some of my longer blogs, my blongs, and I hope that you don’t mind that, but after we have had a dialogue about something, it really starts to get my creative juices flowing, which is one of the reasons I began to blog in the first place.

    Hugs to you and many thanks for your warm thoughts and kind words always.

  5. Hi Lita,
    Aww I am overcome with emotion right now because it is me that gets so much from you. I may provide an idea but it you that has the talent to translate that idea into words. It seems like a good arrangement to me. I often think about how good it would be if we all lived closer and could meet regularly but this is the next best thing.
    Hugs to you and warm regards to your family.
    Maureen 🙂

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