Good News Saturday-These brave men and women are unsung heroes

Today, I am grateful for the air conditioning. The temperature outdoors is almost 45 C and rising, so having the luxury of refrigerated cooling is wonderful. I can’t help but think of those brave individuals who are out in the elements fighting bush fires all over the State. Mostly volunteers, they put their lives on the line each time they leave their homes, to go out and save  lives and the homes of others. Thirty years ago, I had first hand experience of their work, when bush fires ravaged East Gippsland and isolated parts of the Gippsland Lakes, where I lived at the time. Tragically, it was during those fires that one group of fire fighters perished when their vehicle was trapped by the flames, due to a sudden wind change.I will never forget that day and anyone who has had the misfortune to be trapped by fire will know exactly what I mean.These brave men and women are unsung heroes  and deserve our support and gratitude.

Needless to say, with the exception of pegging the washing out early this morning, I have not ventured outdoors. The wind is blowing a gale and I  would not be surprised if I find my washing several blocks  away LOL. I have kept busy with indoor tasks and consolidating my resource folders(a combination of hard copy and electronic resources which  are paramount to my work), updating them and discarding any obsolete information. I am such a hoarder when it comes to information, reference material and resources!Fortunately, most of it is stored on the PC and not in hard copy because storing them would be a nightmare.

Regarding yesterday’s post. Thank you to everyone who contributed, shared their experiences and commented. As I mentioned, I have had 3 near death experiences , each after major surgery and each time I left my physical body and could hear and see everything that was going on around me and also entered that much talked about long , dark , tunnel with a brilliant light at the end.

The first time as I felt myself being pulled further into the tunnel, I kept repeating to myself “I don’t want to die”, I was terrified  but this incredible force was dragging me deeper into the tunnel. Just when I had all but given up my fighting to keep myself from reaching the light, I was back in my body again, being worked on by medical staff. During the time I was “out” of my body. I saw my family who had been ushered out of my room, being spoken to by Drs and nursing staff, the nursing staff trying to revive me and tipping my bed upside down to try and get the blood flowing back to my head an heart and having several new IV tubes inserted into my wrists, ankles and wherever else they could find a vein that had not collapsed.

The second time  was in the operating theatre and again I heard and saw the medical team fighting to revive me but this time as I entered the dark tunnel, I  did not fight it. It felt warm, calm and peaceful. I was being drawn closer and closer when I felt something stop me and begin to pull me back in the opposite direction. I became angry, I did not want to go back, I wanted to reach the light and again I was back in my body, surrounded by surgeons and theatre nurses.

The third time again during surgery but this time as I entered the tunnel I felt nothing and compared to the previous two occasions it was a very quick experience. My recollections of each occasion were verified by incredulous Drs and nursing staff who said there must be some rational explanation for my experiences, although they did not volunteer to offer any explanations or opinions on what I told them had occurred.

I  have kept an open mind about it but I do know that  I no longer fear death.

Enjoy the week end 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good News Saturday-These brave men and women are unsung heroes

  1. Maureen,

    Your three experiences are phenomenal. I have never had anything close to that.

    It is amazing that you almost died three times during operations. That alone is traumatic, but to have the tunnel experience is nothing less than stupefying. I have always wondered what that would be like, if in fact it felt warm and peaceful as people have described it.

    I’m just theorizing here, but I imagine your willingness to fight would be based on your state of mind going into the operation and where you were in your life at the time, or is that oversimplifying?


  2. Hi Lita,
    I think you may be onto something with your hypothesis . Maybe by the second operation I was exhausted from being in agony for such a long time and was willing to give up. I know I had no energy left in my prior to the surgery. Perhaps I was willing myself to die? I do not have a rational explanation for any of it but it did happen. It was not a religious experience, as I had no sense of another being or entity, just the darkness, then brilliant light.No longer am I scared of dying 🙂

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