Firebugs are sick bastards!

The bush fires I mentioned in yesterday’s post have claimed more than 46 lives but the unofficial toll is more than 50.Fires are raging all over the State and seeing the devastation and anguish of the victims on the TV is heart breaking.Nature can be cruel but many of these fires are due to arson- firebugs who get off on setting fires!Sick bastards.The temperatures have dropped over night ( from 46+C deg yesterday to 24 C and the wind had dropped considerably) which will hopefully, assist firefighters in their efforts to extinguish the blazes.

All the emergency services, community and volunteer groups are doing a stellar job under extremely difficult conditions. What  would we do without them? No matter how dire we think our own circumstances are, our own woes are nothing compared to what some people are going through right now.


2 thoughts on “Firebugs are sick bastards!

  1. Maureen,

    I read in the news this morning about the devastation and deaths. Brush fires are the worst because just a little bit of wind turns them into an inferno, and a shift in the wind can cause people to be trapped without warning.

    I’m so sorry about what’s happening, but the temperature drop should help as well has the drop in the winds.

    Sorry I was absent yesterday.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Great to hear from you, as always! Yes the tragedy and devastation is beyond belief. The death toll has now reached 105 and expected to rise. Casualties are in their hundreds and entire communities have been wiped out. The whole State is in shock and mourning for family, friends and people they never even knew. For a working day, it is eerily quiet here.

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