This person never acted like a friend and their association with me was nothing more than self serving.

The disaster here is far from over. Regions are still threatened and emergency workers are fighting relentlessly to subdue this fire breathing dragon that seems inexhaustible.Over night,it became personal. My mother called to advise me that the youngest of my 5 brothers, Paul was trapped on his property and had no option other than bunker down and enact his fire plan. His home is on a small acreage, in the hills , a few kilometers  from Morwell. Last Saturday, he expected his property to go up in flames but the wind changed direction and his property sustained minimal damage. Last night, the family waited anxiously because all communication to the area has been cut and roads have been sealed off by the police.The strain is taking its toll on my mum and she sounded quite distressed last night. She could not understand why he didn’t get out while he could, after all his property is insured . He maintained he had performed all the preventative safety measures and felt confident he would be ok. He is still the same gung ho personality he has always been, cocky and full of bravado. I just hope that that cockiness is not his downfall!!!!!

Sleeping was difficult last night, which was understandable but when I did sleep, I had the weirdest dreams. They were of someone who was once a very close friend. In the dream , this person was terribly cruel to me and treated me badly. You know, I woke up and thought about the dream and it rang true. I now recognise that the person I once regarded so highly, treated me like badly from the day we met. I used  make excuses  and allowances for this person’s behaviour but my dreams were crystal clear and proved to me once and for all, that this person never acted like a friend and their association with me was nothing more than self serving. Why could I never see it this clearly before????


10 thoughts on “This person never acted like a friend and their association with me was nothing more than self serving.

  1. I had a friend like that once in high school. And once graduation came along, I was very glad to have no reason to make excuses for her anymore.

  2. Maureen,

    One theory about dreams is that they are our subconscious way of filtering out the things that we don’t want to retain in long-term memory. Recall dreams are one way to finalize something we have left hanging or unfinished in our lives. Recurring dreams are usually stress-related.

    Unless of course you believe that dreams are foretelling; then all of the above is for naught.

    I think that you were able to see this supposed friend clearly in your dream because of the removal of time and space. This allowed you to have the clarity of thought that you needed that you did not have, even when it was staring you in the face.

    Congratulations. Too often, I don’t get this clarity when it is staring me in the face until much too late, such as when the knife has already been plunged into my back.


  3. Hi Alissa,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am glad I no longer have anything to do with this person either. I wasted too much energy and emotion on someone who did not deserve it.
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Hi Lita,
    I agree with you. I think back then I was too close and as you said, I did not truly realise what that person was like until I felt that knife in the back! I wish i could have had this clarity back then 🙂

  5. Maureen,
    It seems that you are having a rough go of it this summer. Hoping things improve soon. Do you have long hot summer’s there? I’ve studied climate and rainfall for the US regions, but don’t know about Australia’s weather. Are the summers normally very dry?

    🙂 James

  6. Hi James,
    Summers are usually hot here and we can expect a handful of days in excess of 40C but the extended drought has made it ideal for fires this year. Unfortunately, the regulations regarding the clearing of trees etc has only meant addition fuel for the fires and this must be addressed as it is a constant factor in the fires of recent years. This year we have experienced record temperatures , last Saturday being our highest ever, with parts of Victoria reaching 48C. High temperatures, undergrowth and gale forced winds all combined to create the current disaster!
    Thanks for commenting and take care.
    Maureen 🙂

  7. Maureen,

    I was telling Corey about the 48C temperatures, and his reply was, “oh, that’s not so much is it?” To which I replied, “are you kidding, that’s at least 107 fahrenheit.” He said, “It couldn’t be.”

    So I did the actual calculation and told him that it was 118 Fahrenheit. We both just kind of sat here, stunned.

    I’ve seen 110, but nothing higher than that. I can’t even begin to conceptualize 118. All at once I started to think of the elderly, the animals, the people without adequate shelter, and it made your tragedy ten times worse in my mind that it already was.


  8. Hi Lita,
    Yes, it was hot and to make it even worse the winds were incredibly high. As well as the human tragedy, the livestock and native fauna have also been devastated. RSPCA and other animal welfare organistations are caring for the injured animals but there are still hundreds of domestic pets, waiting loyally at burnt out remains for their owners, who will never return. It’s so sad 😦

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