Welcome to the new email subscribers

Sincere thanks to everyone who has sent messages and emails inquiring after my brother , Paul. I am happy to say that he faces no immediate danger, due to a wind change. That area has been warned to expect to be placed on high alert again by the week end, as temperatures are rising and the winds are gaining momentum.

This morning the smell of smoke is permeating the air, even though the dark smoke clouds have dissipated due to the winds. It is good to see the sun and relatively clear skies.The fires ares till burning out of control in many areas and the other States have sent in teams of firefighters to relieve the exhausted Victorian men and women, so they can regroup, rest and prepare for the days ahead.

I want to say welcome to the new email subscribers. Just so you know, the emails are sent by Feedburner between 14:00 and 16:00 (Australian Eastern standard-daylight savings time. GMT + 11 hours) each day. If you wish to contact me directly, my email address is maureenj58@hotmail.com



6 thoughts on “Welcome to the new email subscribers

  1. Maureen,

    That’s great news about your brother. Let’s hope that the winds don’t shift too much. I know that everyone must be exhausted. Take care.


  2. Am glad he is having a break from the stress of it all for a while….it is great here at present …cool and no smell of smoke for the last few days

  3. Hi Majik,
    Yes, it is good that he is having a break from it all, albeit temporary. Glad you are enjoying cooler weather and no smoke too.
    Best wishes

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