This week’s Good News.

Although it has been a dreadful week here in Victoria, I am going to resume Good News Saturday.

This week’s Good News.

1.The courage of the victims, firefighters and emergency services. These individuals have the admiration and gratitude of the entire country. They exemplify what it is to be Australian,

2. The volunteers that have given selflessly of their time , to assist those most in need.

3. The kindness of those individuals, both here and abroad, who have donated millions of dollars to the Bushfire Victims Fund.

4. The relief I feel knowing that my brother Paul and an aunt living in the affected areas, are both safe.

5. The numerous emails I have received from readers to this site, enquiring about my safety, the safety of my brother and their thoughts for the families whose lives have been devastated.

6. My pride in Prue, who immediately volunteered to donate blood, in response to a call from the Red Cross.

7.Relief knowing that although the conditions are still highly volatile, the temperatures are nowhere near what they were last week. This will assist the firefighters in their back burning efforts to contain areas of concern.

8. Those wonderful firefighters from New Zealand, The United States and Canada, who have arrived to assist our men and women fighting the fires.

9. The beautiful email I received from one of the friends to whom I sent a birthday card this week. It was a pleasure to receive and I do hope you have a fabulous day today.( To the other person: I know you have viewed your card. Regardless of your deplorable manners and erratic behaviour, I really do hope you enjoy your birthday on Monday!)

Have a good week end πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “This week’s Good News.

  1. I can’t believe the person you sent the card too didn’t reply. What an arsehole! That person is ridiculously lucky you still care for them as much as you do after the way they have treated you. I hope they realise how rude they have been.

  2. hi – i live in NZ and my heart has broken watching all the coverage on the news and in the newspaper about the fires. my heart and prayers are with you all… good list of things to be thankful for. blessings, fireball

  3. Hi Claire,
    Welcome and thank you for your kind comments. Your fellow countrymen arrived here today to assist with the firefighting, for this we as a country are very grateful.
    Best wishes and please visit again.

  4. Hi Prue.
    Just because that person chooses to act like a complete arse, it doesn’t mean that I too, should stoop to that level. At least one of us has some integrity, not to mention common courtesy!!!
    Love Mama πŸ™‚

  5. Maureen,

    I thought that I caught the tail end of something on the news tonight about someone being apprehended as the primary suspect in starting the fires.

    I only hope that they have the right person and that the individual responsible is punished as he or she should be. At last count, I read that 180 people have died. This does not include the number of individuals burned, property damaged, animals and livestock killed.

  6. Hi Lita,
    You are correct, the authorities have charged an individual with lighting one of the fires and upon searching his home, allegedly found child pornography too!!!! He faces charges for both.For his own safety, the accused man was transported from the country, to Melbourne, where he will appear in court on Monday. He is some piece of work!
    The fatalities now number 181, with the expectation that this could rise to 300 , as more victims are discovered amongst the ruins. The physical injuries are in the 1000’s and the psychological injuries are immeasurable. The livestock and animals which were killed in the blazes or put down are numerous.
    Take care and have a good week end.

  7. Wow, Maureen! So glad I wandered by, following your comment back to you. I have been following the fires, mostly through Australian folks on Twitter. The US news didn’t even start reporting on in until the death toll reached some magical “news-worthy” threshold. Ugh.

    I am glad to hear that you are okay, and it is heartening to see your list of good things. Sometimes it’s hard to count them through the smoke, so kudos to you for doing so.

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