My collection is like “This is Your Life” On CD. LOL

I am having a productive morning. I woke early as usual, made myself a terrific breakfast, read the papers , now I am copying emails, messages, text messages etc, onto CD’s. For years, I have copied everything that is special to me onto disk, so they can be saved and viewed again at a later date.It’s a bit anal but I enjoy going back and reading them from time to time. They are also a valuable reference tool  for that book I will publish one day! My collection is like “This is Your Life” On CD. LOL

In addition to copying, I have replied to each email I have received this past week. As I have been rather pre-occupied  with some personal stuff , I have not really had the time to write as much as I would do normally. Hopefully, I have not missed anyone! I get so much enjoyment receiving emails from readers to this site. Thank you so much and keep them coming. LOL

It is going to be another busy week , so today I am going to take it easy, relax and listen to some Leonard Cohen. I am listening to him now and he is fabulous. His music and lyrics are timeless and evocative.  🙂


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