The only person who can see through the facade to my true feelings.

Although in recent weeks I have been very busy, my enthusiasm and motivation have been low. Normally, I thrive on pressure and the busier the better but I have been feeling tired and flat. When I have had some spare time, I have kept myself occupied to avoid feeling depressed and down. I know this will pass but I don’t like it one bit.

Yesterday, after I had finished with the emails etc, I decided to indulge myself and devote the afternoon to me. I did all those girlie things, such as pedicure, manicure, scrub, wrap , pluck, polish, moisturise and buff and it felt good. Not long after I had finished Prue called  and we had a brief chat about our day, which was lovely. Less that 30 minutes after we had spoken, Lauren, another of Prue’s housemates and Prue arrived here, bearing cakes for afternoon tea and massive smiley face balloon for me. Prue is really the only person who can see through the facade to my true feelings and she wanted to do something nice to  lift my spirits. I am so lucky to have her as my daughter and Lauren is also a terrific young woman.

They stayed  for a while then they decided that they would take a trial run to the other side of the city( as Lauren is meeting someone for lunch there today) so Lauren will know where she is going. Before they left, we printed out a map and directions  and they headed off  to that foreign place- THE WESTERN SUBURBS!

The people living on the other side of town feel the same way about us, south of the river(Yarra). There has always been a lot of good natured rivalry about which side of the river  a person comes from but the bottom line is we are all proud Melbournians!


6 thoughts on “The only person who can see through the facade to my true feelings.

  1. How sweet Prue is to read you so well and to know just what to do to make you feel better.

    So between your you day at the home spa and Prue and Lauren’s afternoon tea, you were probably feeling much better.

    Hope all is getting better.



  2. Hi Lita,
    Yes, it was so thoughtful. I am blessed, I really am. They brought me a “monkey face”, which is a shortbread style biscuit base, sandwiched together with raspberry jam and normally has circular holes on the top layer which look like a monkey face! This is then covered with toasted shredded coconut. The smiley face balloon was great too. I did feel so much better last night.
    Hugs to you too.
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Dear Maureen:
    I am not surprised you are feeling down. The heat in Australia has been unbearable. The heat alone can wear you out; even though it was days ago. Also, the stress of the fires and worrying about the safety of your friends and family. Stress can definitely weigh you down.
    I am happy you took time out for yourself; and spending time with Pru is priceless!
    Take care,

  4. Hi Lee,
    As always, you make so much sense. All of those things and a few to boot, have contributed to the way I have been feeling. Memories of my own experience with bush fires 30 years ago have come flooding back, even though I have not thought about that time in years.My situation does not compare to what has and is still going on here but the sight and smell is a constant reminder of that time.
    Prue is extremely sensitive to the needs of others and she was exactly what I needed on Sunday, to bring me back to reality and lift my spirits.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Maureen 🙂

  5. Good to hear your daughter is so involved in your life still. You’re lucky, and I bet she was a lucky girl growing up. People tend to get back what they are given, for the most part.

  6. Hi Bud,
    Thanks for stopping by to comment. I feel I am the fortunate one, to have a daughter with whom I am so close.
    By the way, congratulations on your comments, published on the Alphainventions site!
    Best wishes

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