Another week, another Good News Saturday.

Another week, another Good News Saturday.

1. A National day of Mourning is to be held tomorrow in Melbourne. For those unable to attend, it will be televised on TV and broadcast on large screens at several prominent venues in the Melbourne and Regional centres.

2.The generosity of so many people. Donations of money and material aid have poured into the Red Cross and other organsitations from individuals here and all over the world.

3.Malcolm Turnbull (Australian Liberal Party Leader and  Federal Opposition Leader) for exhibiting true leadership and demoting Junior Shadow Minister Senator Cory Bernardi for allegedly making disparaging remarks about a colleague.

4.Daily Newspapers have finally returned to their Pre- Christmas formats. Wahooo!

5. This site continues to increase it’s readership. From humble beginnings of 600 readers per week, that figure has grown to be consistently in excess of 15,000 plus. These figures represent actual readers and not just hits. Over the past few months , the stats were inflated dramatically by hits from other users of Alphainventions but they were not what I would call genuine readers.

6. Alphainventions and Cheru Jackson, for introducing a catergory drop down menu, in response to requests from users of his site and thank you for discontinuing the use of an old post of mine, which was being shown with monotonous regularity  on the Alphainventions site.Showing that old post  alienated many readers and potential readers, who presumed that it was me submitting it! I wish Cheru all the best with his latest tool to enhance his blog networking site,Alphainventions.


6 thoughts on “Another week, another Good News Saturday.

  1. Hey, you had your own Grace in Small and Big things! Congratulations, especially on the readership. That’s a very healthy number and one of which you should be very proud.


  2. Hi Lita,
    You’re right , it did turn out to be a Grace in Small and Big Things didn’t it? I am not concerned about numbers, all I am interested in is “genuine readers” and from tracking my stats I can see that they actually click on a post and are not merely hits. It’s a bit scary Hahahaha.

  3. That’s very exciting! A lot of good news, congratulations on the readership! Also, I’ll have to pay Alphainventions another visit to check out the category drop-down!

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