I did something I have not done for many years- gave him the finger!

As mentioned in a previous post, yesterday a good friend was scheduled for surgery at an inner city day hospital. We had arranged that I would take her in to be admitted in the morning, then I would pass the time , browsing the shops, galleries and antiques stores until  she was discharged. My friend thought about this long and hard and decided that there is only so much browsing one can do over a 6 hour period, so she decided to get the train into the hospital herself and I would travel in to town later in the day to collect her.I was more than happy to take her but she said she felt it was unnecessary as she would really need to support when she was discharged. Fair enough, I thought and she made her own way in to town and was admitted at the scheduled time, for her surgery.

Prue and I had arranged that she would come and spend the day browsing with me and was happy that we did not have to leave at the earlier time. I picked her up at about 13:00, as my friend was due to be discharged between 16:00 – 17:00 and we headed off into town.There was no rush and the only concern we had was ensuring we could find a parking spot. We had travelled for less that 10 minutes when we approached a main intersection and slowed to check for merging traffic and this guy behind us began honking his horn and waving his arms around like a madman!

We continued on and veered left and tried to ignore the lunatic behind, who also made the turn and was by that time, about 50 metres behind us. He closed the gap to about 25 metres and was still throwing his arms around in anger  and to be perfectly honest after what has been going on over the past week or so, I was not in the mood his b/s and I did something I have not done for many years-  gave him the finger!!!!!!!!!

Well, if that didn’t really set him off. The moment I did it , I regretted it but this guy was being such an arse. He sped up and was travelling in the lane beside us. When we stopped at a set of lights he put his window down and began shouting something about the finger etc. Prue (who was on that side of the car) asked him what his problem was and told him he should “chill”. I looked across and ignored him and thought to myself, yes , you are an arse. Little girlie Festiva and a big attitude problem LOL. Neither Prue or me allowed ourselves to be intimidated by this young guy, who was on closer examination , quite diminutive  and unless he was toting a firearm, presented no physical threat to us. When he realised we were not interested in listening to him he gave up and sped off when the light turned green.What the hell is wrong with some people? All I did was slow down, not stop, to ensure it was safe to make a turn  and this guy went off his head.We both had a good laugh about it and the rest of out trip was uneventful.

We got into town within few minutes as the traffic was quite light and secured a parking spot at the rear of the hospital, then went browse the shops. After we had done with the browsing , we decided that a coffee and maybe something to eat was in order, so we chose a cafe with an alfresco area and spent a few minutes  people watching and enjoying our drinks. Prue ordered a piece of cheesecake but was disappointed that it was too creamy, but hey, what did it matter? We were having a good time catching up.

At the designated time we returned to the hospital to collect my friend but were told that she would not be discharged for another hour. That was ok, these things happen and so we decided that because it was not a particularly warm afternoon, we would go and sit in the car and wait. It was terrific to be able to spend so much time with Prue as we rarely get to spend extended periods alone , where we can chat about more personal issues.After an hour or so we returned to the hospital reception where we were told my friend was still not ready to be discharged. By this time, we suspected that something was not right and were told that her blood pressure was exceptionally high( for reasons unknown) and that until it began to subside we would have to wait. Her blood pressure was in excess of 200 and I was worried that she would stroke out( I presume that was the concern of the medical staff as well). She was finally discharged after 20:30 a we took her back to her house and ensured she was ok for the night. I dropped Prue (who was getting an slightly annoyed after all the waiting around) home and I came home, threw some left-over veges  in the microwave for dinner and had a quiet night.

I will write another time about everything we saw while we waited at the hospital reception. It certainly kept Prue and I amused. My friend is doing well and is spending the day in bed, under the influence of some heavy duty painkillers.

My thoughts go out to Jaded today. I am thinking of you my dear friend 🙂


2 thoughts on “I did something I have not done for many years- gave him the finger!

  1. Maureen,

    Well good for you. It probably allowed you to vent some of that pent up emotion that you have had.

    I’m sorry about the scare with your friend’s blood pressure. I hope that she takes it easy for a while.

    It’s good that you have Prue to go along with you on these little jaunts. I’m sure that you enjoy your time together immensely.

    You sound a bit better today. Hope all is well.



  2. Hi Lita,
    Yes, I am much better thank you. All I can say is you live and learn and I have learned a lot recently!
    You know what it is like to spend some quality time alone with your daughter. We always seem to have other people around, so being alone for the day was very good for talking.
    WTF.I did nothing that warranted that guys anger. It did feel good to give him the bird!!! LOL
    Hugs and keep well
    Maureen 🙂

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