Their facial features were beginning to resemble the notorious ‘cat woman’.

As mentioned in yesterday’s post I want to write today about the time Prue and I spent waiting for my friend on Tuesday at the day hospital/clinic. Up until now, I have neglected to mention that this particular clinic specialises in cosmetic surgery exclusively, so there was a distinct upmarket ambiance and serenity throughout.Shameless examples of self promotion were apparent as there were several life size photos and posters of the surgeon/proprietor all over the reception area, in addition to the brochures  and assorted beauty products that cluttered the counters and waiting room tables.

The theatre nurses came out into the reception area several times and each had obviously had ‘work’ done as their facial expressions looked like deers in the headlights.The reception staff were all pretty young things who openly discussed their boyfriends, clothes and seemed to giggle a lot! No doubt, you can imagine the type of establishment it is!

Patients came and went constantly(no wonder this surgeon can afford prime time advertising and large full page spreads in the week end magazines). Mothers bringing in the adolescent sons and daughters (who were just normal kids with exceptionally good skin considering they were pubescent/adolescent) to have a ‘treatment’ on their faces. Middle aged women dressed in clothes which would be more suited to their daughters, discussing their procedure schedule and the occasional ‘princess’ , raising merry hell because they were kept waiting for their appointment.The money changing hands and being debited  to the patients accounts was phenomenal, not to mention the sales of beauty products- various creams and lotions that the patients were told were ‘highly recommended’ by the surgeon, to enhance the overall success of the procedure.

We sat there completely agog, trying our hardest not to laugh out loud but really what we witnessed was very sad.Individuals trying desperately to restore their youthful appearance, regardless of cost or how much their facial features were beginning to resemble the notorious ‘cat woman’.

Now something utterly parochial, so those readers from places other than Australia, please forgive my indulgence but I have to bring attention to it because I think it is a disgusting example of how out of touch our elected officials are.The Deputy PM of this country has in the last month, spent in excess of one million dollars of tax payers money, so her Department could attend a conference to learn how to be happy! Is this woman for real?Yesterday, several thousand individuals were made redundant and this woman has the audacity to waste OUR money like that? To say nothing of the other unfortunate individuals who are homeless and living under bridges or in seedy alley ways.Has no one informed her that we are in recession? This is just more of the same from this inept and self indulgent Federal Government. Just in case anyone is wondering; no I did not vote for them!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Their facial features were beginning to resemble the notorious ‘cat woman’.

  1. Let me get this straight: she paid money to take her department to a conference on how to be happy? Why didn’t she just bus them all to the plastic surgeon’s office and have permanent smiles put on their faces?

    I believe that would have been much cheaper. The staff would have probably preferred it, and the out-of-touch woman would have been right where she belonged: in fantasy land.

  2. Hi Lita,
    What a fabulous suggestion! Why didn’t I think of that?
    Trust me, this actually happened. All her staff were flown to Geelong, near Melbourne for a live in seminar (conducted by a guy from the US) and were “taught” how to be happy. Another example of Politicians and Public Servants with their snouts in the trough, while the rest of the country continues to slide deeper into debt.
    Maureen 🙂

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