Another Week, another Good News Saturday.

Another Week, another Good News Saturday.

1.The public backlash against Pacific Brands  for their decision to sack 1,800 workers and move their manufacturing plant to China. The unions( I am not normally pro union but in this instance the stand they are taking is warranted), politicians and the general public have joined forces to prevent the company shifting Government funded machinery and equipment off shore. It was also revealed that the CEO and other board members had awarded themselves  massive salary increases while they plotted the redundancies of the workers. The CEO’s salary went from $600,000+ to $1,800,000+ last year. The company is now reviewing their decision… well how about that!

2. The fires which were expected yesterday, failed to eventuate and  the cool change last night produced very few fires caused by lightning strikes.

3.My friend is recovering well from her surgery this week. Post op. she was in a bit of bother but she is progressing well now.

4. Prue faced her  fears this week and overcame them. I am very proud of you Prue, always. Ti amo.

5. A lovely young woman named Claire found Prue’s phone which she had inadvertently left on the train and immediately contacted me to advise me she had it and where Prue could collect it. Young people are always getting bad press which is unwarranted most of the time, so I am more than happy to acknowledge the honesty and kindness of this lovely young woman.

Have a good week end

Maureen 🙂


3 thoughts on “Another Week, another Good News Saturday.

  1. Hi Maureen,

    Those are all good things, especially about the fires not breaking out. It sounds as if your week ended on some very positive notes. I’m glad to hear it.


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