Summer Rain-It reminds me of long hot summer days followed by spectacular thunderstorms.

Judging by the views  of my last post,it seems that I am not the only person who  felt a sense of sheer joy when I saw the photo of the pink albino dolphin yesterday.In recent times, with all the doom and gloom, we  fail to appreciate the wonders of nature  that are all around us.Yesterday here in Melbourne, we experienced a different but no less amazing example of nature- a massive  dust storm and gale forced winds, which lasted all day (and throughout the night).Outside, there is hardly a surface that is not covered in red dust.As I am  big on fresh air and have all the windows opened constantly, the house needs to be thoroughly dusted (again) too!Fortunately, we did not suffer any wind damage, although I was worried about a large, native gum tree we have in the front yard. It was contorted and bent out of shape and I was sure that eventually something would have to give but it is standing proud this morning.

There was a sprinkling of precipitation last night too. Not enough to soak into the ground but enough to settle some of the dust. I find the smell of summer rain beautiful. There is something evocative about it and it reminds me of long hot summer days followed by spectacular thunderstorms.

Although it is much cooler today, there is still quite a lot of wind and the sky is grey. I hope that there is some substantial rain soon because the water storage levels are down to 30%- the lowest recorded level ever. I believe the Government should act immediately and  announce the next level of restrictions or at the very least, prohibit individuals from watering their gardens. Yes, I realise that people get immense pleasure from their gardens but the time has come to put community need in front of personal pleasure!

I want to take this opportunity to recommend to readers, that they visit a friend and fellow blogger’s site and read her post dated March 2, 2009- Death by a Thousand Cuts. It is a poignant piece of writing and well worth reading.


4 thoughts on “Summer Rain-It reminds me of long hot summer days followed by spectacular thunderstorms.

  1. Maureen,

    A red dust storm . . . gee, you could get one of those just by pulling down my cobwebs . . .

    Seriously, sounds like quite a storm. I’ve been through water rationing before, and it never fails to amaze me how many people go up in arms about not being able to water their lawns and gardens, so much so, that they will do it in the middle of the night.

    After what your area has just suffered through with the brush fires, let’s hope that saner heads prevail and people realize that droopy flowers are a small price to pay for water when you need it.

    Also, thanks for the plug. Always appreciated.

  2. Summer Rain always bring a Smile. Everytime.

    Let’s hope something can be done soon.

    Not being able to water one’s garden can be a tramatic experience for some while there are people on other parts of the world drinking water from drains…………………

  3. Hi Jaded,
    Thanks for your comments. Yes, summer rain is beautiful. I agree with you about the water. It is such a precious commodity, not just here but in many parts of the world. Gardeners need to adapt and plant only drought resistant plants and then, only use recycled or “grey”water when watering.
    Take care
    Maureen 🙂

  4. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments.
    Hey, you should have seen the dust that had gathered on my ceiling fans!!
    Don’t think that water ‘wallies’ are only found there. Here, they are out watering on their allotted day, even if it is raining, as well as sneaking out to do a bit of night watering. People have to realise that cottage gardens are not suitable for our climate and adapt, planting only natives or more drought resistant plants.
    About the plug- you are very welcome. It is a great entry 🙂

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