If ever one needed an example of highly emotional, loud and demonstrative individuals , it is my family

Have you ever noticed how many individuals seem to live a life of high drama, in everything they do? It is as if they can’t function without it. A broken nail, quarrel with a spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend, even a pimple of their behind has to be dramatic!These individuals thrive on chaos and the larger the audience the better. They delight in hijacking gatherings of friends or outings and manipulate the conversation to centre on them. When that fails to happen, they withdraw and create a new drama(“Everyone is ignoring me” ‘I have no friends” etc. etc.) This type of behaviour appears to run in families  and Heaven help anyone who has the misfortune to be stuck in the middle of said, family drama LOL

There is a difference between the drama queens of this world and the highly emotional, passionate types, who are demonstrative  and larger than life, when expressing joy, hurt, grief or love.I fall into the latter. Everything I do, I do with passion. Probably something inherited from  the European side of my family. Ahh, the  family. If ever one needed an example of highly emotional, loud  and demonstrative individuals , it is my family and extended family!

My own immediate family( D, Prue and me) are always loud and emotional, particularly during dinner conversation( it gets vocal and opinionated and definitely not boring) which can come as a shock to those who are not familiar with us. As loud and emotional as we are, we are not a patch on my extended family. No shrinking violets there and as there were 9 of us, once the conversation got going, it was like a freight train travelling at 100 kmh, without any driver!!!! To outsiders, it must have sounded like a riot, or at the very least a heated demonstration.My larger extended family are all the same, loud, passionate and demonstrative. Nothing is ever done in moderation, including family disputes. Family get togethers always used to be a cause for great excitement( for me anyway but I am weird) as two of my five brothers would inevitably end up in a fist to cuffs as the night wore on. Without fail, each time there was a family function, they would get into it, until they were both exhausted. Next day they would be great friends again. Enough of my dysfunctional siblings!

I have a rather close friend who falls into the drama queen category (the reason I am writing about this today). She has to have drama in everything she does. Her latest was a declaration, reminiscent of the great Greta Garbo’s- I Want To Be Alone comment. My friend was so disappointed when all I replied to her dramatic statement was ” Good idea”. She had nowhere to go and was  lost for words. Well the alone business lasted for all of one day before she was back in contact with the world, relaying all of her latest dramas. Without an audience she cannot function.I am waiting for her call. Ha ha. 🙂


2 thoughts on “If ever one needed an example of highly emotional, loud and demonstrative individuals , it is my family

  1. Oh Maureen!

    This has to be one of the funniest entries you’ve ever posted. I love the image of your large family gatherings, the heated discussions, the rousing. Being an only child, that sounds like terrific fun to me.

    But the best is your response to the drama queen: Good idea. I wish I had thought of that a few years ago when I was working with that manipulative woman who was my friend then my enemy, all without my being any the wiser. If only, one of the times she had said she just wanted to be alone or just wanted to leave, I had said, “good idea.”

    Thanks for the pick-me-up.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks. I am glad it made you smile 🙂
    My family has given me a wealth of stories to tell;some good, others quite sad but certainly not boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahh the drama queen. To be honest, that was an automatic response. Normally I would have said something more sympathetic but my mouth just took over LOL
    Have a great week end.

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