Good News Saturday.

This weeks Good News

1. Victoria has had rain. Not anything substantial but it’s rain. It has been well received by everyone and in particular those in the regions where there is still a fire risk.

2.My daughter and her housemates have been advised that the lease on their house, which is due to expire in May , will be extended. Great news for them as they will not have to undertake the mammoth task of finding a new house and shifting. They will however , be looking for one or possibly two new housemates, so if you know of anyone seeking good, reasonably priced accomodation, in a modern bayside house, close to transport, universities and the freeways , contact me here and I will pass your details on to Prue and her housemates.

3. The beautiful photos of the rare pink albino dolphin. I think we all appreciated the photos.

4. Last night we had an earthquake here. A rare occurrence but the good news is that no one was hurt and damage to property was minimal. Victoria seems to have copped the lot recently. Drought, fires and now an earthquake!

5. Another good news story  for me was a terrific piece written by an on line friend. It really made an impression on me and I presume anyone else who was fortunate to read it. Congratulations Poeites!

Have a good week end  and welcome to all the new RSS subscribers 🙂


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