The first things I notice when meeting someone.

Today is a holiday here- Labour Day.The State also celebrates Moomba, an annual festival supposedly to bring the community together for some fun but with the current economic crisis, there are very few families who can actually afford to attend  many of the events. Fortunately, there are still a few events which remain free of charge , such as the Dragon Boat racing , which was held yesterday and a couple of other displays. Of course there are the usual carnivals, sideshows and rides etc. for the children but with the cheapest price for a ride being $7.00 it must be difficult for those attending with children, having to say no to their requests for rides etc. Let’s face it, who can afford to waste money on an amusement ride that makes a few revolutions when everyone is so uncertain of  whether they will continue to have a job. Perhaps the good weather will entice families into the city to watch the water skiing competitions, where they could enjoy a home prepared picnic on the banks of the Yarra River.

My energy levels are still low , I don’t know why, so I have not been out much this week end. Today, I was up early, got a few outstanding household tasks completed and will get onto some work I need to have done for a meeting later in the week. I also want to colour my hair , do my nails etc, so I feel presentable LOL. Good hair and nails makes such a difference to the way I feel. Maybe because they are the first things I notice when meeting someone, the second is shoes. Run down or dirty, scuffed shoes create such a bad first impression!!

For anyone who watched the interview with the PM last night, don’t be taken in by his orchestrated swearing. This man has been a professional diplomat for long enough to know exactly what he is saying. If anything , he was patronising the audience and trying to ingratiate himself to the blue collar workers. Who were you trying to fool Mr Rudd?


4 thoughts on “The first things I notice when meeting someone.

  1. Good hair and nails–definite bonus. Makes you feel better and always looks nice.

    I think that I notice a woman’s hair first, but to be honest, I can’t really say. Isn’t that odd?

  2. Hi Lita,
    I think I notice hair, nails and shoes because they are the things that really bug me if they are right, especially hair. I also notice eyes, I forgot to mention that. They are the window to the soul.
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Hello, hello,
    I think I notice eyes first. I always notice when a person doesn’t look me in the eyes and I remind my children to look at people when talking to them. It’s an important social tool.
    Why are you feeling so low in energy?
    check out – “The big wakeup call for women” with DR Christiane Northrup. I saw the show and had to download the material as well.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    Welcome and thanks for taking the time to comment. Thanks too for your suggestion about the Oprah site. I will check it out.
    Best wishes
    Maureen 🙂

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