My intuition was correct and the plane had crashed.

For the second time in as many weeks, Melbourne and parts of Victoria have experienced another earthquake and the experts are predicting further quakes over the next few days. Although yesterday’s event was similar in strength,it appeared to be of shorter duration but unnerving just the same.It has made me think about how disaster ready we really are as a community if there was a catastrophic seismic event,  especially since the Black Saturday fires  6 weeks ago, when emergency services were strained and the majority of residents were unprepared.It is a scary prospect that’s for sure but certainly worthy of discussion and consultation.

Recently a  friend and I discussed various incidents in which we have been in a life threatening situations or near misses. I have had my fair share of incidents which have included being stuck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during not one but two cyclones, on a ship which almost capsized into the sea and another time when I was due to go flying with 3 friends one morning (all 4 of us were right into flying at the time and conducted joy flights for tourists down at the Gippsland Lakes). As previously arranged, the guys called in to pick me up  for the flight as it was our day off  but as we had all had a very late night, I decided that sleep was a better option and told them I would catch up with them later  that morning.They made fun of my lack of stamina and left, happy to meet me later when we would all fly down the coast for a day out. As I lived only several hundred metres from the airfield, I listened as the plane took off and returned to sleep. Several minutes later , I was woken by the sounds of sirens whaling and emergency vehicles and immediately I thought of my friends , I don’t know why. My intuition was correct and the plane had crashed, not long after take off. One of the newer pilots to the group who was  less experienced with the local terrain, clipped a power line between the mainland and Raymond Island and the plane plunged into the channel separating the two land masses. Two of the guys were seriously injured and the other escaped with minor cuts and abrasions. Only my lethargy that morning prevented me from taking that trip!

There have been many other incidents (illness excluded) including being abducted, something I rarely discuss and prefer to keep well hidden in some deep recess of my mind. It is a wonder I have made it to the age I have and I suppose everyone has their own stories to tell too. Given the regularity in which we all find ourselves exposed to life threatening situations we don’t devote much time to thinking about how we would cope in a mass disaster situation, at least I haven’t, not until now. Perhaps I am getting older and more concerned about my own and others’ mortality?


4 thoughts on “My intuition was correct and the plane had crashed.

  1. Oh my god, Maureen,

    You really have seen and experienced more than your fair share of horrible events in your life. It’s probably what makes you so introspective and appreciative of the small things in life, though, if that’s any consolation.

    How horrible about the plane crash, and how great that you didn’t happen to be on the plane at the time.

    Were you on big ships/boats during the cyclones? Just curious.


  2. Hi Lita,
    Thanks for your comments. I think you are right about me appreciating everything that comes my way. Life is too short not to! We have all experienced bad things and I am no different but life goes on and we have to make the best of it don’t we?
    I was on a small (by today’s standards) cruise ship on that ill fated honeymoon trip.It was horrible. The ship was at least at a 45 degree angle and to walk through the corridors ,it meant walking with one foot halfway up the wall! Waves crashed into the areas on the upper decks and furniture that was not anchored down became missiles. It was a trip to remember that’s for sure.
    Take care
    Maureen 🙂

  3. Oh, the honeymoon from hell trip . . . didn’t realize it was a cyclone.

    You deserve another trip.

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